The New Face of the Presidency

For better or worse, or somewhere in between, America is different today:



9 responses to “The New Face of the Presidency

  1. This is just bleeping brilliant!!!

  2. OH MAN! I gotta get me one of these on the Wall. Suh-wheat!

  3. Man where do you find the time to find all this stuff?

    Did this economy get you laid off or something? lol

    It doesn’t take that much time, you just have to know where to look. I guess this blog has kind of turned into me posting things I find encouraging, funny, and/or interesting. As a professor, I guess my hobby is research, so it really doesn’t take all that long to cruise the ‘net and find interesting things. What is time consuming (for me) is the effort to post original material.

  4. That makes sense.

    In that vein… you need to correct the “black president” in this post.

    Make it half white and half black! 🙂

    Which half?

  5. AWESOME!!! No matter your/mine/our politics…it’s cool as heck to be alive to see this. You might have been around to see some pretty cool stuff go down with civil rights (not to imply that you’re old)…but I haven’t lived through anything quite so big!! I’m thrilled!

    I was pretty young, but can remember some of the civil rights stuff and remember watching the Vietnam war on TV. I actually grew up in the Central Valley of California and remember the march on Delano and other farm worker’s issues somewhat vividly. I also was able to go to Florida in 1969 (I was ten) and watch Apollo 11 blast off for the moon.

  6. Ha ha ha ha brilliant. I hope the change is around the corner.

    It must be. We can’t afford to stumble through empty promises and then wait for someone else to step up (like we have for the past 20 years).

  7. I love it!

    Yes. People will no longer be able to refer to the former presidents as “a bunch of dead white guys.”


    If I must state the obvious….

    Left side black, right side white. 🙂

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