Marilyn Einstein – A New Vision

I think optical illusions are interesting (at times).  I find this one fascinating.

When you look at this picture close range you see Albert Einstein. 

Now stand up and take several steps back, roughly 10 feet away,

It will become… Marilyn Monroe.



9 responses to “Marilyn Einstein – A New Vision

  1. Haha, this made my day.
    Thanks for sharing! :]

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    I took a look at your blog (hope you don’t mind). You said people think you talk too much, but you don’t say half of what you are thinking. I think I say about 10% of what I’m thinking and probably still say too much (though I try hard not to be rude, sometimes stuff just comes out). Anyway, I enjoyed the visit.

  2. Weird….

    I noticed (on your blog) that your daughter attends UofA. My wife and I lived near the campus several years ago and became UofA fans (or at least I did). I was hoping they would beat USC, but to no avail.

  3. wow that is cool… very interesting!

    It’s odd what a few marks on the screen can do to our eyes.

  4. That is really odd. I wonder if you look at me from far enough way do I turn into Sigourny Weaver?

    I don’t know what you look like, but I imagine that it would indeed be strange if you turned into Ms. Weaver (although Amber would be the expert on this one).

  5. That is so cool! I’m in a motel room in Phoenix and our room is barely 10 feet wide, so I had to prop the laptop on the dresser and walk into the corner of the bathroom, just so I could see it! It’s amazing the things I do to see optical illusions! I love those things!

    We’re in town for the Nascar races (go Jeff Burton #31)! But I still brought my addiction (my laptop)!!!!

    I’m picturing David watching this whole process taking place. I can’t imagine he had no comments.
    By the way… you made the 900th comment (not all 900, but the 900th).

  6. Huh…I saw Marilyn first. What does that mean about me??? That I’m a crazy person? That I need new contacts? That I need some sleep?

    Hard to say. I see Einstein when I am wearing my glasses and Marilyn when I’m not.

  7. I had to walk more than ten feet, but I did finally see Marilyn. Usually I can’t see the optical illusions at all. Maybe that’s because I really need glasses but refuse to get them.

    Vanity of vanities… I refused to get reading glasses until I turned 45 (for some weird reason, I thought that would be the appropriate age). When I did finally get them, I realized that I likely had needed them for two or three years. Vanity of vanities…

  8. I hope when you look at me from 10 feet away I look like Kate Winslet or maybe Jennifer Aniston…oh hec it’s probably more like Julia Childs! LOL

    Maybe Kate and Jennifer should be thinking they should be more like you? And Julia Childs? I’m ok with Julia – she cooks!
    Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

  9. Well, it’s not really that great! You see Eintein in clarity and Marilyn when you are far off or squint your eyes, so it’s a fudge of two images its not really Einstein close up you only think it is its a bit of a con really … not really all that impressive!! hmmm

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