Flying Together – Our Conversations in October

We are deep into November and I am just finding time to thank those of you who made comments in October.  Here are some of my favorites from among your deep comments on my shallow thoughts:

Flying Together

Flying Together

I knew someone who knew someone who had one [tape worm] and didn’t know it until one particularly violent sneeze and, look, there’s a worm coming out of your nose.Lucid Lunatic (on Eat All You Want and Never Gain Weight) [my favorite comment of the month]

You are a cornball. Amber (on Oh! The Places You’ll Go…)

OMG quite literally I think I just pulled a toe muscle from laughing so hard, dang the likeness is um shhhh please don’t tell no one!Sanity Found (on Cookie Monster Slayer) [I promise not to tell anyone]

I know its sappy, but I liked the post.Mondain (on 26 Reasons Why I Love my Wife)

Almost Painful

Almost Painful

Normal is strange. I would not want to be normal. I like being me.Brit in La (on Y B Normal)

Being normal is overrated!Scream Riot (on Y B Normal)

That’s great! I totally have those days, and the good start makes the bad ending that much worse. – Rebecca (on How’s Your Day Going?)

Those poor lemons need a lucky rabbit’s foot. – mssc54 (on Making Lemonade)

I love to lollygag. I like to bum around even more. Yeah, I’d say I have a bit of “procrastination” in me!Tanya[would you start a blog already?] (on A Day in the Life of a Procrastinator)

I really need to stop being so ordered in my responses (a preview of one of my quirks).Unfinished Person (now Unfinished Rambler) (on Quirks and Addictions)

Comments are amazingly addictive. I almost feel guilty turning friends on to blogging. I kind of feel like a drug pusher.Trish (on Quirks and Addictions)

Living Well

Living Well

Thanks! I just found out I’m going to live to 102. Of course, they told me to lose weight, but really, why? So I can live to 105? I think I’ll continue to eat my cheesecake thank you very much!Stacybuckeye (on Fifty Web Tools that Will Predict Your Future)

I only had time to complete one quiz before my boss came in!Leaving Evangeline (on Fifty Web Tools that Will Predict Your Future)

Apparently I’ll make it into the hundreds. No thank you. I want to die before I stop being able to wipe my own butt… Lindsey (on Fifty Web Tools that Will Predict Your Future)

Watch out!


My pumpkin does not look like Einstein… It looks more like Frank-Einstein.Daniel’s Critical Corner (on Carve Out Some Time for These Pumpkins)

Eww! That’s gross! He (?) is holding entrails in one hand.Leaving Evangeline (on Angry Pumpkin Man)

…this takes the cake for “How you can use vegetables to Scare Kids.Chirax (on Alien (Predator) Pumpkin)

Umm…people might wanna be careful handing out sugar-free treats. Most of them are made with a sugar substitute that acts as a laxative.Leaving Evangeline (on Top Trick or Treat… Treats)

Just for Daisyfae

Just for Daisyfae

 I tend to write off the musical 70’s because of disco, but Neil Young’s best stuff was buried in there – not to mention Bruce and Blondie!Daisyfae (on Bye, Bye to the 70’s…)

Breaking Sound Barriers

Breaking Sound Barriers

The person or persons who compiled this did not grow up in the 80s. I’d wager that they are dead.Literate Housewife (on What’s the 80’s Got to Do with It?)

Wow, what a truly bleak decade that was for the music industry.The Word of Jeff (on Smells Like the 90’s);

I had a stuffed Rocky doll when I was a kid. That’s all I have to say. (God, I’m pathetic). Chartroose (on Sarah and Bullwinkle are At It Again)

I was just telling my mom that I can’t bear to listen to Palin because she sounds like a kindergarten teacher.Softdrink (on What if the Candidates were Phones?)

I am writing my choice in for that office…which is…Mighty Mouse, at least he was truthful with his motto: Here to save the day.Lizziegram (on What if the Candidates were Phones?)



…inspirational that is, a yoda reading and all, maybe i should pick up a book, like if yoda reads and all… Beaverboosh (on Yoda Reads!)

Lovely bones made this list?? Geeezzz And above The Joy Luck Club? I despair! Truly… Gosh, who ever made up this list isn’t terribly well read. I just went through this list carefully. I think whoever wrote it subscribes to the Oprah Winfrey book club. YUCK!Amber (on The Top 100 Books of the Last 25 Years)

I’m going to have to see if I can find out what criteria Entertainment Weekly set for determining this list. But, from a literary sense, I find it lacking unless the list is based on some kind of pop culture standard.The Word of Jeff (on The Top 100 Books of the Last 25 Years)

Ritin' Real Good


Hey, I duz the bestest I can with whut I learnt.mssc54 (on Rules for Writing Wicked Good Papers)

Thank’s for them, tips I will have used them all day long or not.Staceybuckeye (on Rules for Writing Wicked Good Papers)

Make certain all sentences are full and complete. If possible.Hayden (on Rules for Writing Wicked Good Papers)

I don’t never use no triple negatives, and I always eschew hyperverbosity and prolixity ’cause I jest ain’t smart enuf to use dem highfalutin’ werds!Chartroose (on Rules for Writing Wicked Good Papers)

I read and rite godder these days.Chirax (on Writing to Intimidate)

Thanks for stopping by...

Thanks for stopping by...

Thanks again!


7 responses to “Flying Together – Our Conversations in October

  1. Another great round up of all of the funnies.. You have posted some doozies this month and had us all laughing. Thank you! You are a cornball you know!

    Cornball… cornball… it seems like I did hear that somewhere.

  2. Hmm… I need to up my commenting power so I get more than one quote next month.

    Also, that first image scares me. While that many planes flying together in that manner is theoretically possible, that just means that a bunch of people are now going to try, fail, and make a smoking crater or forty-two. It will never, ever happen, because it is only theoretically possible.

    Theories are like pipe dreams for scientists, and sometimes come about the same way.

    I was kind of assuming either time-lapse or straight photoshopping. Theories do have a way of becoming accepted science.

    And… this was my favorite comment of the month. I forgot to add that, but will make the appropriate correction.

  3. LOL ! Thanks Don… I love your blog, and
    will be leaving more witty quips soon ! 🙂

    How kind are you? Thanks. I look forward it.

  4. Oi vey Amber stole my balls dangit!!! I am sooo going to get her back for that one

    Yers definitely a cornball fo sho!

    Great round up and thanks the shout out, always enjoy these!

    It’s always good to hear from you! Have a cookie…

  5. Hmm…seems like there were a lot of posts about lists last month. You wouldn’t happen to like lists would ya??


    Thanks for the shout-outs! Although, I think everyone else’s comments were much wittier!

    Oddly enough, I do like lists. Weird, huh? Your comments are funny and always welcome.

  6. Good One Don. Ha ha ha…brilliant comments. 😀

    You are among the brilliant.

  7. :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!! :-D!!!

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