Droll Troll

Although this is an incredible likeness, this is obviously photoshopped since I haven’t been to Seattle in years (and was just a child at the time).  What a phun photo!  It reminds me of when I visited London and went to Drury Lane to see if there really was a Muffin Man.


4 responses to “Droll Troll

  1. How cute! I never saw that when I was in Seattle! Cool!

    I’ll have to look for it if I ever go up there again.

  2. leavingevangeline

    Well? Was there? A muffin man?

    Sadly, no. Or at least I didn’t see him.

  3. Is the muffin man edible? If yes, how edible? Cannibal edible or vegetarian edible? Vegan edible?

    Tough call. I would say yes – edible. Cannibal if you are a muffin, vegetarian if you aren’t, but with his last name being “Man,” I’m going to assume no vegan will touch him regardless of his physical make-up.

  4. This is real. I used to walk by the Fremont Troll every day to get to work. Its hand is resting on a real VW Beetle that has been built into the statue.

    My son and I are planning a road trip this next summer and are planning to find it. Thanks for the visit and comment.

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