How Thirsty are You for Bottled Water?

I don’t always make the best choices.  In college, I had a friend invite me to join him in a new start up telecommunications company.  I thought who could replace Ma Bell (it was 1982)?  The company? Sprint.  He’s now a V.P. 

When the Starbuck’s craze was still in it’s infancy, I wondered who would pay more than fifty cents for a cup of coffee… little did I know it would be me.  I thought the same about music videos. 

Bottled water was also just making itself known (at least to me) through Sparklett’s and I remember thinking – who would pay for water, it’s free!  Again, little did I know… (I’m really not much of a prognosticator [obviously], but I’m doubting this Internet thing is ever going to catch on).

Lucid Lunatic recently (today) wrote about alternate automobile fuels and the costs (both commercially and ecologically) associated in producing them.  It reminded me of the process involved in bottling water:



4 responses to “How Thirsty are You for Bottled Water?

  1. Reminds me of the Forrest Gump in Me. The life passed slowly and I was like “Come On” not this 😀

    Mama said life was like a bottle of water…

  2. leavingevangeline

    I’m not a big fan of bottled water. For some reason, it doesn’t taste as fresh as it does when I see it flow freely from the tap. However, in the summers when our lakes get low…all the tap water tastes like the slime at the bottom of those lakes. Yuck.

    That sounds tasty! Our tap water out here generally tastes like chlorine.

  3. “(I’m really not much of a prognosticator [obviously], but I’m doubting this Internet thing is ever going to catch on).”

    Ha, ha! I love your humor!

    I’ve never been asked to participate in any type of business venture. It seems like people would rather I “mind my own business” instead. It’s a real bummer.

    The business trend I tend to follow is to buy high and sell low. It’s hard to get ahead when following this trend. I learned it from Steve Martin’s book, “How to Turn One Million Dollars in Real Estate into One Dollar – Overnight!”.

  4. I, for one, single-handedly keep our local Starbucks in business with my “candy coffe” as my husband refers to my mocha frap.

    As for water, well, I usually would choose my mocha frap over a bottle of water, so aren’t I, in essence, being “green” by not sending one more bottle to a landfill somewhere??? Oh, the reasoning I will use to justify my addiction!! :o)

    It’s good to be self-aware and know your strengths.

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