Sneaky Restaurant

Now this is sneaky – however, it is a clever way to hide a poor rating from the health department:

fail owned pwned pictures

The Cards – or Cardinals – represent the mascot for the University of Louisville.




7 responses to “Sneaky Restaurant

  1. I’ll tell every student I meet to do this. “F”antastic!

    Yes… I tried that more than once. My son says that if it’s ok to get an A in Algebra, then an F in Fractions should be appropriate.

  2. ROFL Gotta give them an “A” for the whole creativeness of it though….

    It must be a BBQ place. I have always heard that you can’t make good BBQ and get a good health rating.

  3. I went to brunch with some friends yesterday. One of the guys with us had ordered pecan pancakes, and when the waiter served him…he put blueberry pancakes in front of him. So my friend handed the plate back and told him they weren’t the right kind. The waiter then proceeds to pick them up, one by one, with his hands to inspect them and says, “Nope, they’re pecan” and put the plate back down in front of my friend.

    We all looked at him, flabbergasted. When my friend said he would like an unsullied plate of pecan pancakes the waiter looked at him and said, “I only touch a few of them”.


    I went into a Taco Bell (my first mistake) a few years ago and, while in line, was watching the guy making burritos in the back. He kept licking his fingers (like one might with papers) before separating the tortillas. I simply walked out and determined not to go back.

  4. Brilliant Brilliant Hail Marketing Folks 🙂

    Literally, play the cards you are dealt.

  5. “C” = cats in the soup!

    …like cat-sup?

  6. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When the health department gives you a “C”, work it into your advertising plan! :o)

    Go Cards!

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