The United Countries of Baseball

I love to watch baseball.  I was a basketball player (until my knees finally gave out) but was never any good at baseball, so I find it fascinating that players can do the things they do with a bat, ball, and glove. 

I also generally have three or four fantasy baseball teams going during the season – one of my (many) guilty pleasures.

I believe that if you are truly a fan of a team, you can’t like another (it’s just not possible – feel free to argue, but my mind is made up so don’t try to confuse me with any facts).  I also think you should like the hometown team, even if you move.  I think that’s why I really like this map of the USA.  Even though I live smack in the middle of dodger (I can’t believe I actually typed that name) territory, I am a true-blooded SF Giants fan – I grew up that way and will die that way (maybe at the hands of a dodger fan, since I refuse to capitalize their name).

This is a map of the USA – if you are a baseball fan (I love the unincorporated territories).  Click on the picture for a larger version:



6 responses to “The United Countries of Baseball

  1. Having only moved to the US a couple of years ago I missed growing up with the sport. I think that you need that early love to really be a fan. However, I find my fascination with the game growing with increased exposure. Given my location I find myself following the As, saw them twice last year and watched them on TV. There is a part of me that finds the Cubs so appealing with their 100 year and counting wait for success.

    If the Cubs ever win a World Series, the Giants will take their place as the longest to go without winning one. The Oakland A’s? I was living in Nor Cal in 1989 when the A’s and Giants were playing the Earthquake series. People were selling baseball hats with both the A’s and Giants logos sharing the front (there’s just something wrong with that).

  2. hey you have to add Japan and Canada! LOL

    And Cuba and Korea. The Giants actually win in Japan!

  3. The Nationals have nowhere near that much territory. I’m not even sure they have all of D.C. I think most of this is an extension of Red Sox country. Same with the Orioles.

    The northeast and midwest are so rich in baseball history, the Giants and dodgers had to be imported just so we could join the fun. It does seem that the Nationals and Orioles share a market (like the Giants/A’s, dodgers/Angels, Cubs/Whitesox), but that the market is somewhat small.

  4. Awww man! I have to be a Rangers fan??? No fair!

    You do, so get on with it.

  5. Okay, I haven’t much followed them in 15 years, but I will defend my Tigers now until the day I day – and most especially against those damn Yankees. 🙂 I find it interesting that the Pirates go down through my neck of the woods. I don’t find much interest in baseball here with the exception of the Atlanta Braves.

    I’ve never tried a fantasy baseball team before, so I don’t know how it works, but if I could create my own, I’d pretty much use the ’84 Tigers. God love Sparky and his boys. Lou Whitaker is my all time favorite player mainly because of the way that Ernie Harwell (my favorite voice in all the world) said his name.

    Sparky was a “spark” for the club. Great team, those ’84 boys.

  6. you think someone could make a united countries of hockey or football?

    Sure… why not?

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