I Am Under 18 – Button Clicked for the First Time in Internet History

The Onion – funny people, funny stuff.  Here is an article that is typical of their humor (and mine):

‘I Am Under 18’ Button Clicked For First Time In History Of Internet
October 15, 2008 | Issue 44•42

CHINO, CA-In an unprecedented and historic event Monday, the “I Am Under 18” button, an Internet security device which if selected restricts access to websites featuring adult content, was clicked for the first time ever. “I knew I could simply claim to be over 18 and continue onto my desired destination, but I also realized that I would have to live with that lie for the rest of my life,” said local resident Garrett Kinley, 17. “I admit, I was curious to see what type of material I would find on http://www.juggworld.com, but that button was clearly placed there for a reason, and let’s face it: 17 and three-quarters is not 18. I plan to return to the site three months from now, when I will be mature enough to handle its content.” Moments later, Kinley’s friend Dave Gerrard, 17, pushed Kinley aside and clicked the “I Am Over 18” button himself, at which point a tactical police unit broke down his bedroom door and arrested him.



7 responses to “I Am Under 18 – Button Clicked for the First Time in Internet History

  1. He he he, I was “I Am Under 18” Button blind since 13 😀

    Apparently, a mature 13.

  2. Okay, that is awesome, and it totally made my morning. I *heart* The Onion and am so glad you posted this. I’ve always wondered if anyone who is under 18 is actually honest enough to click the appropriate button because I figured that having the button just added to the allure and made a site seem more exciting. Then again, the marketing people probably know that and use those buttons to keep teenagers buying porn and other illicit entertainment.

    The Onion is funny (I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so). The under 18 button is likely the brainchild of legal departments, but certainly enhanced by marketing to a group who can’t resist the freedom to break rules with little if any consequence (ever) and who want to see a little skin (12-18 year old boys).

  3. Garrett is a fine example of the kind of young man that I would not completely hate for trying to date one of my daughters.

    On the other hand that David character… I’ve got his number and he ain’t getting any near my daughters.

    I have fire arms, a back hoe and know the National Forest very well.

    Just for the record the fire arms I own are strictly for hunting and self protection and the back hoe is for just playing in the dirt when I have the notion. 😉

    It’s the potential of the notion that would make me nervous.

  4. leavingevangeline

    I love The Onion!!

    Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the ” I am over 18″ button…then again, maybe I’m blind to it.

    And too, I was over 18 when the Internets were born.

    After spending most of my adult life working with teenagers, I believe I can safely say that the likely reason you don’t know about it is because you were never a boy between the ages of 12 and 18.

  5. I need to read The Onion more!

    The Onion is funny – and the Onion has layers, like an Ogre (to misquote Shrek).

  6. The Onion was the first thing to make me laugh post 9/11. I don’t read it enough – and this article is just pure genius!!!

    I laugh until The Onion makes me cry!

  7. I always press the button that says “I am over 18, but I’m an emotional retard.” This gets me into RushLimbaugh.com immediately!

    Mine is “I am over 18 chronologically, but 13 socially.”

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