I Want to be like Mommy!

Cute.  This child drew a picture about what mom does for a living.  Any guesses?

That’s correct, she works at Home Depot and the picture is showing her selling a shovel.

What did you think it was?



4 responses to “I Want to be like Mommy!

  1. Wow…first I saw all the folks standing there with money and thought “bank teller,” but then I saw what looked like a pole and a stage and thought, “Oh my god, the mom’s a stripper and the kid has actually seen her at work.” Just as my brain was running away with how awful that is on so many levels, I read the rest of the caption. Funny stuff!

    I’m afraid I thought stripper when I saw it the first time.

  2. She’s too skinny to work anywhere else! 😉

    Weight Watchers?

  3. leavingevangeline

    I definitely thought stripper! Haha! It just goes to show you that I have my mind in the gutter!

    I was there with you – great minds thinking alike and all.

  4. Mom working at Home Depot = minimum wage
    Kid making his mom look like a stripper = priceless

    Now that’s funny.

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