Unspoken Communication

What can I say?




6 responses to “Unspoken Communication

  1. *lol* that’s great!

    It took me back to high school… or perhaps college… or maybe yesterday.

  2. I don’t do that…

    well, maybe some of that…

    alright, ya got me! :o)

    The two guys are communicating more than most guys I know. A nod is generally sufficient, no words are necessary.

  3. Sad, but fairly accurate.

    Yup (guy communication).

  4. LOL! This is awesome…and soooo true. That is why the idea that women dress for other women, and not for men, is also true.

    It’s fortunate if most men even get dressed.
    By the way, you just made the 1,000th comment on this blog. Thanks.

  5. I saw this in the paper awhile back. Loved it. I can’t judge for the girls, but the male one is fairly accurate.

    August. Too true about us guys – again, mostly nods and grunts (Tim the Toolman had it right).

  6. leavingevangeline

    How ironic! You made the 1000th on mine, and I made the 1000th on yours! Very cool.

    Great minds and all…

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