Learning How the Stock Market Works

Have you ever wondered how financial markets work?  Just what is it those “financial wizards” are able to do that you and I can’t (I mean, besides make a lot of money from people like you and I)?  This should be a helpful illustration:


4 responses to “Learning How the Stock Market Works

  1. That is BRILLIANT!

    I thought it was a pretty good explanation of how things work.

  2. I’ll have to share this with my portfolio manager husband. He finds so little amusing about the market these days 🙂

    Put it where he can find it, but don’t stand too close – just in case!

  3. He got a good laugh. Thanks 🙂

    Hopefully it helped him relax for a minute or two.

  4. Ha ha ha 🙂 brilliant, spot on!

    There is an element of truth.

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