Five for Friday – Lunch Bag Art

When you were a kid, did you have to carry your lunch in a brown bag while all the other kids carried cool lunch boxes?  I was the nerdy kid that liked the school’s hot lunches, so I didn’t carry anything; but if I did, I would have preferred these lunch bags over a lunch box any day.  This dad creates a new lunch bag for his kids each day (Dana and Dylan are lucky kids):

My personal favorite:

Who doesn’t love the Beatles?:

Josie and The Pussycats (long tails and ears that match – or something like that):

Hello Kitty:

Pterodactyl for lunch – mmm good!:

and a (new) bonus for Sanity Found:



7 responses to “Five for Friday – Lunch Bag Art

  1. How cool! Although it makes my “give ’em an extra oreo cookie today” seem kinda pale in comparison! :o) But my girls don’t seem to mind!

    By the way, who is that last image of? I seem to recall a cartoon my brothers loved to watch and there were 5 kids who had an aircraft that when it went really fast it turned into the “fiery phoenix”. Is that character’s name Mark? Am I way off base? Ok, don’t answer that!!! :o)

    I don’t know. I just wanted to work one of Dylan’s in.
    You are not necessarily off base, but that might imply that you are taking a lead off first in an attempt to steal second (random… it’s the new obtuse).

    By the way – get a blog!

  2. leavingevangeline

    Yet another person with a lot of time on their hands…which seems at odds with being a mom of two.

    Still, I’m prolly just an eensy bit jealous of Dana and Dylan. I had a lunch box when it was just me and my brother…but after we adopted 5 kids…we had to go on the discounted lunch plan at school…which was humiliating. Everyone knew what a green lunch card meant: POOR KID.

    All I ever wanted was to be cool enough to bring my lunch again.

    Sigh…the abuses heaped upon me were monumental, no? (Someday I’ll go into the humiliation of the station wagon).

    We had the family station wagon too – A Ford Country something. My mom hit a lightpole in an empty parking lot one day – after I told her she was heading for it and she told me she saw it. Ah, good times…

  3. I refused to carry a lunchbox after 2nd grade, much to my mom’s chagrin. Even then I was aware of my incipient rise to the upper echelons of the in-crowd, so I had to keep up appearances. While I think Dana & Dylan are lucky, I would’ve refused to carry one of these too–lunch bags were required to be plain brown & wrinkly.

    I preferred hot lunches – still do. We had a hot dog stand about a block away from our high school and a McDonalds and Taco Bell a couple of blocks away, so I spent a lot of time there (sometimes even during class).

  4. i remember feeling so loved because mom packed our lunches – and i got a new lunch box every year. and then i hit 5th grade, and demanded a plain brown bag… and by 7th grade? had to be buying like the cool kids…

    beautiful daily gift to a kid! Well beyond my maternal skills…

    Yeah, lunch boxes for my kids.

  5. Hot lunch > anything I could bring from home. Then again, my school had amazing lunches (private schools). None the less, many people liked eating out…

    No kidding. I tried peanut butter once – not a fan.

  6. Thanks for the kind words and the links.

    Ms. Tanya Moyer: that guy was indeed called Mark, and his show was called Battle of the Planets in the US.

    Ms. Daisyfae: I’ll bet you have excellent maternal skills. This is just scribbling on a bag for twenty minutes at lunchbreak. I’m also a professional artist, and I have to practice all the time or go stale.

    Also: that Calvin bag earned me an angry note from the preschool teacher. The next day I sent Dylan with the “Little Miss Bossy” bag. POW! (nobody noticed or cared).

    Thanks for following up and commenting. We appreciate your work.

  7. Haha…”Little Miss Bossy” bag. That’s funny!

    I loved Lunch Bag Art Guy’s story.

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