Email Decision Chart

I seem to be focused on flowcharts lately.  This one is a “must see!” 

I thought about sending it to my email address book, but it seemed that it would defeat the purpose.  What do you think?



5 responses to “Email Decision Chart

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I need to post this on every single computer in my office. I don’t mind the occasional forward…if it’s really funny, interesting, or if there is a cute fluffy animal pic in it. But those are so few and far between. There are 10 awful forwards for every 1 decent one.

    Oh man… I had a whole list of things I was going to email you. Oh well.

  2. I wish more people saw that chart *and* understood it. I dislike the unfunny “jokes”and hate the bigotry claiming to be humour.

    No kidding. The same old recycled jokes that weren’t funny the first time they were told. Or, the “chain” emails.

  3. Wish I could forward this on to half my email list. I think I forward 1 out of every 15-20 I get. This is definitely a flow chart that should be laminated and included in every new computer box, and required reading for every student!

    Give me your list, I’ll forward it for you!

  4. I have an uncle who ought to see this. I love him dearly, but…

    You could send it through a proxy.

  5. My Dad should be reading this 🙂

    Everyone should read this – get the word out. Brit in LA is planning to be the prophet of this new religiously chain-email-free society.

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