This Email Forward Really Works! – Sure…

I recently posted an email decision flow chart, then found this.  You can ignore the decision chart this one time. 

You might want to copy this and send it to anyone who sends you one of those “chain” type emails:



6 responses to “This Email Forward Really Works! – Sure…

  1. hahaaa! very true!!


    Did you try it? (kidding)
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. It is sad, but true, that nothing happens. If there was justice in the world, forwarders of chain emails would be smote by divine justice or suffer a plague of boils.

    You sound like a Prophet… or maybe Brit Almighty?
    I tend to agree with you, so maybe you can be our Internet Moses and lead us into the technological promised land that is free of annoying chain email.

  3. OMG – – – – – So if I don’t send this what will happen? 🙂

    Something non-specific.

  4. I am absolutely going to use this. I can’t wait!! Inevitably, there will be those that forward believing that nothing actually WILL happen.

    Wait… You mean something Will happen? I’m confused.

  5. Still waiting for my ‘million bucks’ and ‘visit from angel’

    Good to hear from you, it sounds like you’ve been pretty busy.

  6. lol.. Im laughing not only at the sign, but at everyone’s comments… funny!

    This is a pretty funny group. I’m glad you checked in – I was going to email this to you (kidding… sort of).

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