Five for Friday – Unique Bicycles

Transportation is so important and one might as well look good getting from here to there.  Combine that thought with some creative people and you get creative modes of transportation (you can find more bikes here).  Here are five unique bicycles (plus a bonus for the thirsty):

This person’s heart might still be in San Francisco and San Francisco is definitely in their bike:

This bike requires expensive tires, unless you use retreads:

I imagine I’d be wearing a helmet too if I were backwards on this huge bike:

Chopper bikes are cool… if you are about 12:

Romeo might have liked this bike, but I’m not sure about the modern day purpose:

Here’s a bonus, if you get thirsty while riding:




One response to “Five for Friday – Unique Bicycles

  1. I’m still trying to figure out the Romeo bike…

    Yes, there may be a purpose, I just don’t know what it would be (except to get up to the balcony to woo Juliet). Did I actually say woo?

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