Thanksgiving Day Parade Rickroll

How great is it that Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends actually rick-rolled the entire country during the Thanksgiving Day Parade?  If you don’t know about the phenomenon, go here or here, or just watch the video below – give it 30 seconds or so to kick (or rick) in:



7 responses to “Thanksgiving Day Parade Rickroll

  1. That’s too cool! I didn’t even know about rickrolling until I went to Wikipedia!

    Had I known, I would have rickrolled you – of course you wouldn’t have known why I was doing so…
    By the way… Get your blog started.

  2. AWESOME!!!! I fall for the Rick Roll every single time. I am so gullible…but it always makes me laugh.

    And who knew that Rick Astley looked so good? He’s better looking now than way back when.

    And he sounded just the same… unless… was he being rick rolled himself?

  3. How cool… I love Rick Astley… You know he comes from a really simple family in the UK. His family owns garden centers. Really good guy.

    He seems to have a good sense of humor and a good sense of self to do this. It was great.

  4. He was lip syncing ya nana…lol

    Ah, so he was rickrolled…

  5. I don’t remember having any imaginary friends. Maybe I’m a bit more odd that I thought! Yikes!!!

    Maybe you were the imaginary friend? (never gonna let you down…)

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Wow. The first few times that I was rickrolled, I’d laugh hysterically and slide down my chair with my hand on my face, incredulously processing what just happened.

    Oh, man. The country got rick-rolled. Brilliant.

    I’m just wondering how many viewers even realized they had been rickrolled. That’s what makes it even funnier to me (I know, I’m weird).

  7. how funny, i just read about this at — they had a good point. nbc mentioned rick’s name in the credits. duh NBC, it’s not a rick roll if people are aware he might be showing up.

    If you listen to the commentator, it seems NBC didn’t even know what a rickroll was.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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