How Reasonable…

My dad had many sayings, including: “Blessed are the big wheels, for they will go around in circles” and “Don’t confuse me with facts when my mind is made up.”  The reasoning chart below seems to sum up both of those sayings:



5 responses to “How Reasonable…

  1. I like this one… really great!

    It worked!

  2. Oh, I think I might have to print this off and put it up in my cube. If others don’t take the hint, maybe it will help me assimilate as if with the Borg… 😉

    It can’t hurt, but those who get it aren’t generally going to be the ones who NEED to get it.

  3. Oh, that is seriously awesome. Someone should put this on a pin!

    I’ll see what I can do…

  4. This just makes my head hurt! :o)

    …because it makes your head hurt because…

  5. Hi Don, I’m starting a Facebook fan page for “Circular Reasoning”. Could I use your image for the page?

    I stole it from somewhere else, but have seen it in lots of places.

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