Need a Spoon?

I’m not necessarily a nut about the use of natural resources (as evidenced by my inability to drive at a speed appropriate to fuel savings), but this does make perfect sense to me.  Of course, I don’t often do dishes of any kind – I even use the same coffee cup all week without washing it. 

What do you think?



7 responses to “Need a Spoon?

  1. Not every venue lends itself to proper flatware.

    Not everyone is born with a silver spoon some just have to go with disposable white plastic. 🙂

    Just wait until tomorrow’s post!
    I think I was born with a spork – you know, “dork with a spork.”

  2. Hm. Similarly, I wonder about “take and toss” containers for food. Because, of course, it makes more sense to spend $1.50 on a container you trash than to bother with taking it home and washing it.

    People are strange.

    Out here, we are beginning to charge for plastic bags in an attempt to reduce use (not working thus far, but it’s early yet).
    The things we do in the name of convenience. However, if we quit using some of these items, we will further impact an already shaky economy. What to do, what to do…

  3. yeah, but all my metal spoons leave a heroin aftertaste.

    I laughed out loud when I read this… you were kidding, right?
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  4. you were kidding, right?


  5. I’m guilty. Guilty of being lazy AND hypocritical. I use the special light bulbs to save energy…keep my tires inflated to save gas…recycle whenever I can…BUT I cannot stand cleaning up after just me…so I buy plastic flatware and paper plates. Please don’t tell the tree huggers. I feel bad enough as it fact I think I have something to add to my New Year’s resolutions!

    I’m so ashamed.

    I just go to other people’s homes so I don’t have to clean up. Some of the time I actually know them.

  6. This plastic spoon looks abandoned on the floor after a night out with the other plastics.
    We aren’t charging for plastic bags yet, but some grocery chains will give you a discount if you bring in your own canvass bag. I only remember my canvass bag about half the time!

    It did look like it had been up pretty late. We have been stockpiling canvas (or some such material) bags in our feeble attempt to do our part.

  7. guilty… the logic of the fabricated spoon, crafted from dead dinosaurs, is irrefutable.

    but, think about the jobs that would be lost if we stopped being a “throw away” society? What about the trash collectors? The grocery store stock boys? The people in the plastic spork factories in China?

    Plastic does put us in close contact with prehistoric times. And, creating an economic void would be highly inappropriate.

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