Pen Cap Utensils

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, these utensils would be useful if you ever eat lunch at your desk.  Of course, you’d need to wash them (or at least wipe them off before putting them back in your purse or pocket protector).  This might be the ultimate in recycling, reducing, or reusing:



7 responses to “Pen Cap Utensils

  1. Brilliant! i do keep plasticware in my desk at work. And usually, i dip it in my coffee mug – rinsing it in cold, day-old coffee – before wiping it down with a kleenex and returning it to the desk drawer…

    On the bright side? I have the immune system of a cockroach! never get sick!

    A cockroach or Cher…

  2. ewww.. the ink drips all over them…and they will pop off their pens.. not practical me thinks.

    Interesting concept. hmmm….

    Maybe not practical, but fun.

  3. Maybe best for red pens. lol

    It would be the American way…

  4. I think those are pretty ingenius! But they are still plastic utensils. So you might as well go with the standard ones, right?

    Except this way you can wash plastic rather than steel… or you can dip them in yesterday’s coffee and wipe them on a tissue (many thanks to daisyfae for the idea).

  5. Thanks! I’ve found the first stocking stuffer for my husband 🙂

    My wife teases me about my “nerd pen” that I always carry around. I can imagine her comments if I had an entire place setting sticking out of my pocket.
    I hope your husband enjoys his gifts.

  6. leavingevangeline

    We could save a lot of plastic trees if we all used our fingers!!

    That’s how I eat…

  7. Genius idea, I love it!

    It does seem somewhat practical and handy – particularly when you go through the drive-thru and they forget to include a spork.

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