Watch Your Step!

Can you imagine stepping into this bathroom?  Especially if the house is built on the side of a mountain.  One might enter the room just to wash hands, but I would need to use the toilet immediately:



4 responses to “Watch Your Step!

  1. oh my goodness… what a scary bathroom. Reminds me of those scary bathrooms in airplanes. Eurgh. I’d hold as long as I can :).

    I’m afraid that if I didn’t notice the floor until I stepped on it that I wouldn’t be able to hold it.

  2. leavingevangeline

    Makes me wonder what happens when the toilet’s flushed…

  3. leavingevangeline

    Scratch that. I see the pipe leading away from the toilet. Duh.

    I’m a little doped up right now…not making sense is just part of the fun!

    Through a pharmacy or self-medicating? (kidding)

  4. Well one thing is for sure I won’t have any problems going to the loo it just might not quite be while on it!

    Oh, no kidding.

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