Carry On! – A Great Version of the Song.

If you like kids, then you really must watch as this little girl plays Carry on My Wayward Son on the organ.  She is amazing.  I am fascinated that although this seems to be a recital of some sort, there is just a smattering of applause at the end.  If I were her parent, I would have rushed the stage. 

It starts slow, but watch it all the way through.  It is amazing:



4 responses to “Carry On! – A Great Version of the Song.

  1. Oh.My.Stinkin’.Word! I already dig that song…that was incredible! I’m with you…I would have rushed the stage!

    K takes piano, I’m thinking if I got her that organ, she could go off!!! :o)

    Do it. How fun!

  2. That was incredible. Oh to have that much talent…

    I can play the radio…

  3. OMG!!! How can she keep all of that straight? She looks like a young Tori Amos. Kansas ought to be darn proud if they’re not dead.

    You’re right. You know, I might have rushed the stage even though she’s not my daughter.

  4. Hah! That was crazy!! How does she manage to have both hands, both feet and all her fingers moving at the same time?? I mean, in any way that makes senses??


    She’s incredible!

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