Groundhog Day Trailer Recut

I love Groundhog Day (the movie).  What if the director had decided to go a different direction instead of making it a comedy?  Here’s a trailer remix that shows an entirely different side of the film:


7 responses to “Groundhog Day Trailer Recut

  1. Now I want to see the remixed movie. Perhaps it would make a better drama than a comedy. Almost certainly, after watching this.

    I may like Groundhog Day (the movie), but I don’t like it as much as Groundhog Day (my birthday).

    That would be interesting.
    My favorite line from the movie – “Do you believe in Deja vu?” “Didn’t you just ask me that?”
    Is that how it feels to have a birthday on Groundhog Day?

  2. leavingevangeline



  3. My reader is a little behind or I’m a little behind in my reader. Either way, I’m just getting to this post…one of my favorite movies, if not my favorite movie. I’d quote you a line from it, but I’m notorious with trying to remember lines from movies (that’s my wife’s department; she’s great at it). Anyway, love the video and thanks for the link. Just wanted to give you a wave (I’m still reading ya).

    I’ve been called a little behind more than once (actually, not little and they used a different word for behind).
    It’s my favorite movie of all time.
    Thanks. I try to keep track of you as well. It’s been a really busy week.

  4. “Groundhog Day… The Darker Side”

    …when time has no meaning…

  5. Hey, I often have days like this–basically every Monday. Bill Murray is such a drama queen!

    …but he’s so good at the whole drama queen thing.

  6. Only last year, when I spent my birthday sick in bed. That day went on forever… almost. I got my Kindle as a birthday present, and that helped a lot.

    Generally it’s the day before which is on repeat. “Aha! It’s the day before my birthday!” “Give it another few days, it’s on the way.” Repeat over the course of several eternities.

    Do you believe in deja vu?

  7. I can’t look at Bill Murray and think Tragedy. Just can’t.

    I have trouble looking at Bill Murray and thinking serious.
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

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