Heath Ledger Should Joke His Way to An Oscar

Heath Ledger should really win The Academy Award (Oscar) this year.  If you haven’t already seen him in The Dark Knight, you should (by the way… if you haven’t already seen him in The Dark Knight, where have you been?).  This poster was made by a fan who also believes he should win:


4 responses to “Heath Ledger Should Joke His Way to An Oscar

  1. This poster is great. I loved the Dark Knight and thought the entire cast was great, but Heath Ledger did bring something extra.

    It’s too bad we can’t vote.

  2. It would be really cool if he actually dragged his zombie ass onstage to accept the award! He’d REALLY be bringing something extra, wouldn’t he? (I know–this feeble attempt at humor is deplorable).

    That would create a new and exciting Oscar buzz…

  3. leavingevangeline

    I finally watched this movie yesterday and I was really taken by Heath’s performance. I know a lot of people like to fawn posthumously over actors/musicians, etc. but I don’t think this performance is one of those instances…he “inhabited” that character and deserves all the accolades he can get.

    Wasn’t he good? I found his character much more interesting than Batman. Maybe the movie should have included the joker in the title. He was captivating to watch.

  4. The complexity of that character and the sociopathic levels he delved into made him my favorite anti-hero with Patrick Bateman a close second. His perfermance bordered insanity, but was a controled insanity. It was one of the most exciting performances in ANYTHING in years. He absolutely should win.

    I felt Aaron Eckhart should have gotten a supporting nod as well. His performance was one of the best of the year and probably has only been overlooked because Ledgers was so profound.


    P.S. I digg the poster too.

    Hey, thanks. Thanks for the thoughts, visit, and comment.

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