Christmas with the Hoff

I stumbled across this and now it’s beginning to feel like Christmas.  Merry (almost) Christmas!



4 responses to “Christmas with the Hoff

  1. It’s too bad I’ve already done my Christmas cards- this would have been great!

    When the Hoff says it’s Christmas – you can be sure it’s Christmas!

  2. Is he supposed to be looking sexy here? What a joke!

    I don’t think I’d be the best judge of that…

  3. I hope that candle doesn’t set his hair spray on fire!

    Hey look at chartroose’s pic… is that the “Leave Brittney Alone” guy?

    You’re on to something…

  4. I’m going to have nightmares about the Hoff staring moodily through my window…

    German women think he’s a great singer. Maybe he will come a caroling outside your window this year.

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