Unfortunate Headline

I’m not sure if the editor was trying to be funny or just chose an unfortunate string of words, but this made me laugh:



6 responses to “Unfortunate Headline

  1. Maybe the writer was trying to be symbolic– or maybe he was just idiotic. Visit me at http://www.SandySays1.wordpress.com

    Hi Sandy! Woof!

  2. (give me a hand here) Applauds loudly. 😉

    He actually could give you A hand!

  3. We should put are hand together for him 🙂

    Hands across the world…

  4. “I did not kill my wife” Fugitive

    “I know.” – Tommy Lee Jones’ character… whose name I have misplaced.

  5. This sounds exactly like something my husband would write for the Onion. 🙂

    Your husband writes for the Onion? I love the Onion.

  6. Interesting talent! Hah!

    …on the other hand… oh… wait…

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