Five for Friday (X2) – 50 Worst Cars

I like the cars that I have owned over the years.  My first car was a 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix (back when they were still cool).  I’ve also owned a ’66 Chevelle Malibu, a ’60 VW bug (no guts – I was actually passed by a guy on a 10 speed while going uphill), a ’60 Chevy Stepside, several other pickups, and currently drive a Red PT Cruiser with wood paneling (what a poser).

Anyway, when I found these cars, even my worst (a Ford Station Wagon) looked good.

Consider this an early Christmas present – Five for Friday times 2 – this week only – Five becomes Ten.

These were found at Time (and you can see the rest there):

A semi-horseless carriage.  They put a horse head on the front in hopes that it wouldn’t scare real horses.  Umm hm:

The Janus.  Going or coming, it looks the same.  The backseat passengers face backwards and the doors are actually on the front and back rather than the sides.  Weird:

The Octoauto – too many wheels:

The Trident – this one looks like something from the Jetsons.  I kind of like it… for the backyard:

Can’t leave out the Edsel:

Or the Yugo – the world’s first disposable car:

The Pacer.  Isn’t there a basketball team named after it?:

How about an amphibious car? (it leaked):

The Pinto – it doubled as a BBQ if you were ever hit from behind”

The Trabant – the dealer would pay you to take it.



6 responses to “Five for Friday (X2) – 50 Worst Cars

  1. The Janus reminds me of my first car, a 1952 Studebaker. It was one of those which way is it going autos. Trouble was it was normally on its way to the repair shop.

    When it’s on the way to the shop, it doesn’t really matter which way it’s pointing.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. oh, no! NOT the Pacer! i think it was designed to make us middle aged gals feel svelte!

    From the “What were they thinking?” department. I think you are being generous to use the word “designed.”

  3. Oh, I think the Trident is cute. And the semi-horseless carriage…kinda freaky…real or fake head?

    Umm hmm.
    I believe it was a fake head. Either that or they found a way to recycle messages from the Godfather.

  4. We had an orange Pinto when I was growing up, but my favorite was the car my dad bought off a buddy. It was tan with a huge hornet smoking a cigarette painted on one whole side. And in case you couln’t identify it ‘Smoking Hornet’ was painted above it. Classy 🙂

    Your dad knew how to live – and how to make a statement! That’s what makes life fun for a dad and life miserable for his kids.

  5. I think the Pinto has a bad rap.

    It was truly the first automobile with a built in bar-b-que in the back seat. 🙂

    …and makes great ribs and rump roast.

  6. Oh, the trabant is a famous oldschool car in Poland! 🙂 And it’s made from plastic!! (duroplast)

    It’s cheap, but very desirable in Poland (as an object of worship).. heh… 🙂

    Odd diety… But I’ve seen people worship stranger things.

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