Santa Stalker

After hearing about the Elf on a Shelf and thinking that Santa must (indeed) be a stalker, I happened across this confirmation – Santa Stalker!
Uh oh!  Santa stalker.
Uh oh! Santa stalker.



5 responses to “Santa Stalker


    Can I help you up?

  2. Blast! I knew I shouldn’t haven’t looked at Donstuff. I’ll erase my history and appeal.

    It probably cost you the Red Rider BB Gun.

  3. I wonder if I’ll get points off for coming over here. 😉

    It’s likely you just lost one of your gifts that requires batteries… wait, that didn’t sound right.

  4. leavingevangeline

    Ahh yes…but since I’ve never answered “yes” to the “Are you over 18?” question…I should be fine.

    I agree, you should be (mostly) fine. As has been stated by others who wandered here before you, this visit could have cost you, however.

  5. That would explain why I got nothing from him, not even a mouldy orange.

    A green orange…

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