Snow in Los Angeles (County)

I’m sitting at home today (again) due to snow – along with my kids who are on their second snow day from school.  What is strange about this is that we live in California, in Los Angeles County (less than an hour from downtown).  Now, we have mountains in LA County – but we live in a desert area… with about five inches of snow in our yard and we have the lowest amount in our valley.  Much of our valley has about a foot of snow and the hills around us even more.  All roads (in and out of the valley) are closed.

This is likely of little interest to any of you reading this – particularly those of you who live in areas that normally get lots of snow.  However, I keep thinking that Al Gore must have planned to visit us today because it seems that every time he schedules a global warming event in a city, that city experiences below normal temperatures.

Welcome, Al.  We’re looking forward to your visit.

Here’s the freeway that runs through our city (morning, before most snow):


Here’s a photo of our backyard (early afternoon):




6 responses to “Snow in Los Angeles (County)

  1. leavingevangeline

    This is of great interest to me! We had ice earlier this week and it practically shut the city down.

    I wish we could have 5 inches of snow. That would be so much more fun than sleet and freezing rain.

    (It’s strange to think that about a month ago there were raging fires in your area!)

    A month ago everyone was complaining about the heat. The fire areas experienced high rainfall and the threat of mudslides. It seems that most everyone came through ok. My family and I at least enjoyed a two-day weekend in the middle of the week.

  2. fabulous! snow in southern california? better than ashes, isn’t it?

    Just part of the madness, mystery, and charm of So Cal. We can literally burn and freeze in the same month.

  3. Ya kill me Don. Remember when that happened about oh 4 years ago??????? we had snow then too…

    Gotta love Al.. he says the goofiest things. Do shake his hand for me will ya?

    Will do – we’re lunching together tomorrow!

  4. Hey wait!? Has Hell finally frozen over????

    Yes, Las Vegas had snow too!

  5. Glad to see you get to experience the fun and annoyance of snow too. You have more snow than we do in Cleveland right now 🙂

    According to the news, it’s on its way to you.
    Oh, and… Cleveland Rocks!

  6. Isn’t that insane? We are on the other end, but the Ortega Highway was closed for us because of snow. I could hardly believe it.

    The snow in our yard finally (completely) melted today.

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