Bush Shoe Throw – New Security Measures

This is a follow-up to the recent posting about the shoe throwing incident involving President Bush as a target:



5 responses to “Bush Shoe Throw – New Security Measures

  1. Indian local, politicians are now taking pride, while being getting hit by Shoes. LOL they think its the in thing now, we are lovin it!

    Our president is ever the trend setter!

  2. lol…that’s a good one! i read that some enterprising webbers made an internet ‘shoe throwing’ game. maybe i’ll go look for it…i’ve got some time to kill.

    wishing you a happy holiday and wonderful 2009! 🙂

    It’s funny. Enjoy your holidays!

  3. ha! That is just fabulous!

    It seems prudent. I just wonder if the FBI agents are willing to take a shoe for the president.

  4. Now it will be bio-hazard stinky socks!

    Ooo… We have some (almost) teenager’s socks that are fermenting and would require a haz-mat team. They could shut down government.

  5. LOL, I love that!

    Fancy throwing your socks at Bush if not shoes?

    Can you imagine? A sock might not hurt as much as a shoe, but it could stick to you… and stink

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