Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  I hope your holiday season is peaceful.

I really like Christmas songs.  Here is one of my favorites – I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day!  Here are three excellent versions:

Casting Crowns:

Harry Belafonte:

Jars of Clay:



5 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas, Don! It rained so much yesterday that we don’t have a white Christmas this year 😦

    Sorry. Our snow was all gone by last Saturday and today is windy and rainy. Oh, well. We are having to make do by watching the movie White Christmas (again).
    Merry Christmas (again)!

  2. leavingevangeline

    Hi Don! Merrry Christmas! I’m out in the country (on the old dial-up) so I’ll have to wait to watch the videos. I’ll be catching up with your blog when I get back to civilization!

    I hope you and yours have the best Christmas ever!

    We had a great day together. I hope you enjoyed the country.

  3. Merry Christmas Don! Florida was cloudy and rainy, then warm and sunny. I saw Santa in Bermuda shorts and sandals.

    Interesting – I bet those were some white legs.
    We had a ton of rain today as well. Merry Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas, Don have a good one 🙂

    Thanks. I hope you had a good day.

  5. Hi Don! I have been listening nonstop to Casting Crowns Peace On Earth – fantastic album! Thanks for sharing the others.
    It rained in Three Rivers but snowed quite low on the surrounding hilltops. Wasn’t the rain the greatest gift?? We want a very wet year!

    I like that album and Relient K’s – Let it Snow
    baby, Let it Reindeer.
    We went to a movie yesterday and when we parked the ground was dry. When we walked out two hours later, there was a light rain, but the parking lot was under water. Apparently, we received all of our rain (a deluge) in a two hour period.
    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day together.

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