Anti-Ticket Donuts (they might just work)

Have you ever wished there was a way out of speeding tickets?  I do (I currently have two on my record).  One company has solved our problem – The Anti-Ticket Donuts.  If (or in my case… when) you get pulled over, just pull this little baby out of the glovebox (carefully – no quick moves) and tuck it between your driver’s license and registration so the police officer can find it easily. 

If (again, in my case… when) you are accused of trying to bribe an officer, just offer a shocked, yet innocent expression and say that it must have been stuck to your registration when you pulled it out of the glovebox.

I found these here (the official website is here):

The Anti-Ticket Chocolate Donut:

The Anti-Ticket Chocolate Donut with Sprinkles:



One response to “Anti-Ticket Donuts (they might just work)

  1. Cops and donuts! I totally get it. Your pictures look very delicious — I may have to go to Police Academy. Have a great new year

    I have several friends who are policemen – and eat donuts and drink coffee. My hands shake when I consume that combination of sugar and caffeine, but I’m not the one who may need to pull a gun. I don’t know how they do it.

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