Carpooling – An American Tradition

Carpooling (car-sharing, in it’s inception) is historic and patriotic – an effort to save resources for the war effort during World War II (besides, who would want to be responsible for this passenger?). 

It’s interesting the tactics we will take to guilt people into helpful behaviors.  These days, you ride with Al Gore if you carpool:


5 responses to “Carpooling – An American Tradition

  1. and if you ride your bike to work? you make an oil baron weep…

    That makes it totally worthwhile.

  2. Al Gore and Hitler in the same post?! How is that even possible?!

    You’re right. I shouldn’t have left out Dubbya (oil baron – see previous comment).

  3. Guilt will take you places 😀 and i agree with Jessica only Don can you get Al Gore and Hitler in the same post.

    I aim to please.

  4. Ahh…the creativity of the American advertising machine never fails to amaze me!

    We do have a history of interesting behaviors.

  5. Dang!!!! That one creeps me out. Just goes to show you that there is no level to which people won’t sink to shame you into buying the “party line”….

    Again, no kidding.

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