A Last Look at President Bush

Although he still has a few days as president, I thought this retrospective of photos from the Internet might be fun:














OK.  It’s (barely) possible that a couple of these may have been photoshopped.



8 responses to “A Last Look at President Bush

  1. What is that drummer guy looking at?

    Never mind… don’t ask, don’t tell.

    (I’d be interested in your thoughts on my most recent post) 🙂

    A carry over from the previous administration?
    I will go and read. Sorry, I’ve been negligent. This week and next are our busy weeks – 14-16 hr. days (plus the commute).

  2. You should get one of those police car mounts for your lap top! 🙂

    Then you can just set the cruise control and cruise the net!!

    Cruise control on the Internet is too slow for me. I open it up! 🙂

  3. leavingevangeline

    Awww…I know a lot of people hate him…but I think he seems like a nice person.

    It’s good to support your fellow Texan. I’m not a hater (hating is a waste of energy), just mystified by some of his choices.

  4. Yeah, most retarded people are pretty nice. The dude really does look like a chimp!

    Is that a medical diagnosis or a personal opinion?

  5. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Won’t miss him as President at all and I’m not sure he’s going to miss it either!

    Memorable… When I was a principal, I used to have students ask me to sign their yearbooks. I would always sign “You’ve made this a memorable year.” As I walked away, I would think “Some memories are good, some are bad.”
    Yes, Mr. Bush has had a memorable presidency.

  6. He will be missed 😉

    Particularly by Will Farrell.

  7. Well… we can just call him our first truly Southern President “Bless his heart”…

    “Bless your heart” is Southern speak for “You’re so stupid.” So, sure… bless his heart.

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