MugMouse (reinventing a slowdown)

This invention may be for those of you who resolved to slow down in this new year or for those who resolved to enjoy their work, but is definitely for those who wish to do both – slowly enjoy their work.  Click on the photo below to go to the site:

The MugMouse uses a coffee mug as a mouse, making it easy to slow down your day (or causing you to spill hot liquid on your hand and possibly your computer).

When you choose to use MugMouse, you choose to deliberately slow down.  When your mug is filled with tea or coffee you have to move it more carefully than you would move a normal mouse. 

As the site asks, “Do certain tasks at the computer deserve a bit more time, reflection or personal involvement?  Checking your email, visiting your favourite website or blog, reading the daily news, shopping etc. MugMouse can be seen as a reward; serving as a signal to yourself and others that you are having a little time away from your work.”

The mug is the mouse button.  It is easily clicked by pushing the whole mug down toward the table.  The bottom of the mug is the mouse button.
It works on infrared, is connected by USB, and holds your favorite beverage.



4 responses to “MugMouse (reinventing a slowdown)

  1. I love it!

    Hey, I like your cartoon.
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  2. Hey, Hi – Long time no comment!!! :o)

    This would be scary for me…I’m already worried about spilling something on my computer, I don’t need this added extra stress! Besides, do you see inside that cup? When was the last time it was washed??? Ewwww!!

    Hey, I remember you. The inside doesn’t worry me, but I do randomly spill stuff.

  3. Wonder how easy it will be to play games with this mouse…er..mug or to just play minesweeper, either ways its a good catch.

    You probably wouldn’t want to play a racing game with this mouse.

  4. OK, now I don’t happen to see any HUGE writing on the mug saying CAUTION HOT LIQUID – looks like a lawsuit in the making to me…! I mean.. if it happened to McDonalds… Duh! lol

    People think of the wildest things. Great one Don!

    Now, if someone would invent a keyboard plate, life would be perfect.

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