Push Pin Wall Art

Who has this kind of time?  At least that’s what Chirag and Amber thought when A Portrait with Food  posted here earlier.  Well, here is another great (?) work of art for your consideration – this time with push pins:



12 responses to “Push Pin Wall Art

  1. How bloody would your fingers be by the time you finished?

    No kidding. And if I moved… I’d leave it for the next person to enjoy. Can you imagine trying to take it back down? No thanks.

  2. Now see, to me this looks kinda fun to do! A little monotonous and time consuming… but fun!

    Just remember that when your kids “create” a similar piece of art in their rooms after being banished for something.

  3. Man, that’s cool! Must be a whole lot of holes in the wall though!

    No kidding. Swiss Cheese.

  4. That’s really cool, basically a pixel method, but I see two ways to go at the project. 1. Divide it up into squares and do them one at a time. 2. Sketch out the lines (which will be in black), do those, and then just fill in the blanks with the necessary colors.

    I wonder which he used.

    I have no artistic ability. I’m one of those “I don’t know what’s good, I just know what I like” kind of people. I like Velvet Elvis and Dogs playing poker.

  5. Ok I would actually do something like this on a smaller scale….lol This is cool!

    Is anyone old enough and geeky enough like me to remember ASCII Art?? I was all over that!!!! ROFL

    I have a friend who’s sister creates art from dryer lint. I don’t know what ASCII Art is.

  6. I guess he plans on staying there for a very long time. I they will have to skim-coat that entire area, then sand it before painting.

    You see to me, this guy is a bone-head. 🙂

    Unless it was someone else’s wall.

  7. I love Mario, and from the look of it he’s going for a life up, I guess for an artist the master piece is satisfactory than almost crippled fingers . Brilliant .

    P.S: Still , who has… 😉

    …the time – I know.

  8. I have to say that I find this very cool. I can see myself doing something like this though not as large.

    When you finish, take a photo and post it for us.

  9. Very cool. 2 points.

    He shoots… he scores!

  10. I love Mario. It’s very cool…………

    Fun stuff

  11. Genious. What a mad idea… would be awesome to have a whole gallery of stuff from nes & snes games.. metroid, zelda etc etc.

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