Absolutely, Under No Circumstances At All…

If you have ever been in a music store, you can’t shop for more than five minutes before someone picks up a guitar and begins playing… Stairway to Heaven, Sweet Child O’ Mine, or Smoke on the Water (be sure to click on the song titles to hear new unique different unusual versions of the songs).  There couldn’t be a more appropriate sign in a music store than the one below. 

It should be required in all music stores:



8 responses to “Absolutely, Under No Circumstances At All…

  1. good advice to follow.

    …if they will.
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  2. or Hotel California. There are enough ‘feats’ already. but why is it that new music (English or Hindi) really does not please, I mean its nice and ‘cool’ but fades in the memory, really soon. No staying power.

    Well, I’m old enough to believe that there have been no memorable (read: great) songs written since about 1976 (when Disco killed musical creativity).

  3. *snort* or on the piano? The intro to “Lean On Me”…

    just in a guitar shop yesterday – and was spared the joy… i usually muck around with some bad Lindsay Buckingham…

    …or the intro to Let It Be on the piano. It seems like I hear that everytime I walk past a piano (oh, wait – that’s me playing. Those are the only chords I know on the piano… nevermind).

  4. I’ve heard more beginners play Smoke On The Water to last me a lifetime!

    …mostly with no sense of rhythm.

  5. I will never be able to listen to Sweet Child O Mine by GNR without thinking of that guy – that was hilarious!! And the little kid rawked on Stairway! I’ve never really been in a guitar shop, but I’m guessing those songs are played ALL the time?? Isn’t there a joke about this in the movie with Wayne and Garth??

    Rock on Wayne… Rock on Garth… (holding up a lighter).

  6. ROFL!!!!! Or anyone seeing a Microphone picking it up and singing “My Way”… For gawds sake… why does EVERYONE have to do that???? Huh? And do it badly?????

    That’s Sinatra – often imitated, never matched.

  7. ahahahahaha! Smoke on the water is classic!

    Yes, definitely memorable. Of course, some memories are good and some are bad.

  8. Howz about Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” whenever you go to Karaoke? Ick!

    Or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Let’s just leave it to Cyndi.

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