Sit on It!

I want one of these benches in my town. 

This actually made me hungry… and tired:



6 responses to “Sit on It!

  1. “That’s what she said ”


  2. Very cool…although I don’t think our town has the creativity to either think up something like this or allow someone else to do it!

    It would melt…

  3. If it wasn’t so darn cold, I’d be going out right now and getting some chocolate. Good thing for my diet that it’s cold. 🙂

    How about some hot chocolate?

  4. Well damn it, where is my candy?? Huh? Are they giving them away free or what?? lol

    You’d need some tough teeth.

  5. That is pretty awesome!

    Yeah. I’m still hungry.

  6. That’s a nice wrap.

    I’m STILL hungry.

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