Dream Workout

I realize this is just a cartoon, but isn’t this reflective of the expectations of society?  Trying to be something we aren’t, instead of celebrating who we are?  It’s fine (and noble) to better ourselves, but why do we set ourselves up for failure?  This rhino will never be a unicorn anymore than I will ever be ___________ (insert the name of anyone you believe to be attractive), however, it’s ok to work on being an outstanding rhino.

I’m working on it.  Join me in my celebration of a better rhinohood.



5 responses to “Dream Workout

  1. i’m a rhino… who will never look like Lucy Lawless… no matter what! thanks. a good heading check!

    I’m with you.

  2. I love it! It sends the right message and hits you in the soft spot, which is the best place to land a message.

    I’m getting more soft spots each passing year.

  3. haha, I’d like to see a unicorn eating corn while riding a unicycle.

    that is one of my life’s goals.

    It’s good to have goals… no matter how far fetched.

  4. You mean I’ll never look like Salma Hayek? Say it isn’t so!

    Be glad. As the old cliche goes, “variety is the spice of life” – Salma Hayek will never be you (her loss).

  5. That poor rhino needs an eye exam.

    Or a more potentially attainable goal.

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