A Short History of America

I think this is superbly subtle and simple (click on picture for a larger view):



3 responses to “A Short History of America

  1. What’s funny is I want a piece of property like the very first picture and build a little house on it away from town!

    No kidding – little house on the praire (or is it little house o so dreary?)

  2. Hey where’s the pic of the progression of the utility wires underground?! 🙂

    I recently wrote a Letter to the Editor. They put in speed humps on our street and of course put in the necessary signs along with them.

    There aer TWENTY-NINE friggn signs of some sort or another on our little (over half mile) street!!

    I titled my letter “Urban Blight.” I got a call and visit from a guy from the Mayor’s office. Short version… nothing changed.

    This is an old kind of postcard – from 1979, so it needs an update.
    On the street where I lived years ago, the city came through and resurfaced the road – and did a beautiful job. Three months later, they came in and moved everyone from septic tanks to city sewer, so they dug up everyone’s front yards and dug trenches along the newly resurfaced street. For years afterward, we lived with the eyesore of the pavement. Urban planning at its finest!

  3. This is great and for a change I am not woried about the time, but it says 1979. We need three more panes, history needs to be updated. LOL

    P.S: Don, May i use this in my presentations?

    Yes, time for an update. This is an old postcard type art from 1979 (as you pointed out). It’s not original with me, but it is likely public domain.

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