Dog (or doggone) Training

Doggone… this is funny.  I picked on cats yesterday, so today is for the dogs:



10 responses to “Dog (or doggone) Training

  1. The longer I live without pets, the less I ever want to have one. Then again, that could have easily been done by children and I have two of those….

    Yes… we had pets for years (we waited almost 14 years to have kids) and thought the opposite, but then had kids and are loving it. We now have a little dog (or big rat, I’m really not sure which).

  2. Don, in my research I found out Dog has Sophophobia 🙂

    Or learned that he didn’t want to learn – No Fear!

  3. I could see this happening all to easily. Those little bleeders (or big ones) can be all to doggone intelligent when its inconvenient for you.

    Man’s best friend my foot, more like the animal kingdom’s best infiltration agent.

    Yes… just when you least expect it – wham! They take you by surprise (usually by leaving a little something on the carpet).

  4. *snort* love it… he just thought it was a frisbee!

    Or saw his reflection on the bottom of the disc and thought he was fighting a virtual dog.

  5. Now this is funny. My dog is not really a chewer, but I found him last night, calm as can be, holding a ball point pen, chewing away. It’s a good thing they give so much love 🙂

    Maybe he experienced writer’s block and was just chewing on the pen until inspiration hit.

  6. Some dogs just eat up their training!

    This one went through the training pretty quickly.

  7. That’s too funny…I think …as we are seriously thinking about adopting a dog from the animal shelter!

    That’s the place we obtained our rat dog.

  8. oh, I had this DVD. HAD. As in past tense…

    …same result?

  9. Naaaah! This was done by a cat. Leave the dogs alone.

    See previous response to previous comment on previous post.

  10. Then it is the Zen Dog. 😉

    At one with the DVD universe.

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