President Obama is MAD (Magazine Cover)

I used to love MAD Magazine when I was a kid.  I would devour each issue.  That’s probably why this cover resonates with me.  I realize it’s been more than 100 minutes, but I expect to see President Obama age several years each week.



3 responses to “President Obama is MAD (Magazine Cover)

  1. LOVED Mad Magazine – credit my father with bringing it home and teaching all of us satire… this cover makes me want to buy one!

    I inherited my love of MAD Magazine from my dad too.

  2. Coooool, I didnt even know he smoked!

    I guess he is actually quite a smoker and has been for some time.

  3. Question is – what is he smoking and did he pay applicable taxes on it?
    Love MAD magazine.

    It’s probably not tobacco.

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