Pi Pie

I think it’s great when something lives up to its name.  Pi Pie is a great example. 

However, I was pretty happy that the Pupu platter I had in Hawaii didn’t.



6 responses to “Pi Pie

  1. This should be rewarded for originality!

    …it Rn’t square.

  2. Lovely! Should be served on March 14th – “Pi Day” (03.14.09)… i celebrate every year with my dorky young engineers!

    When I saw this, I wanted to get it out early so others could use it at the appropriate time. We used to celebrate pi day with our students when I was a principal.

  3. I just think the pie looks yummy! :o)

    I’m off to go order Giants tickets for my husband and some crazy guys at my church!

    The Giants have three Cy Young winners on their pitching staff and still probably won’t win the division. However, we still love them… no?

  4. I didn’t realize until I read daisyfae’s comment that there was Pi Day. Where have I been and what have I been doing with my time?

    Cake day? Maybe?

  5. This Pi Pie is not irrational 🙂

    It would be if squared.

  6. yes…but is it all you can eat?

    All you can eat until it’s gone.

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