Pick Your Nose

This makes a great party cup – if you are male or in middle school. 

Since I’m a male who has spent years working with middle schoolers, I think it’s great:



7 responses to “Pick Your Nose

  1. I think these are great! If you wanted plastic surgery on your nose, think of all the money you can save by “trying” on different noses!

    A poor man’s “computer generated” image?

  2. All these years I believed the lie! You actually CAN pick your friend’s nose!!

    You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t roll your friends up into little balls and wipe them under the sofa.

  3. My boss, didn’t like it, i mean i took it quite literally!

    Just don’t pick your boss’ nose.

  4. @Chirag:

    Please tell me you don’t bite your fingernales!

  5. You have a funny blog here! Nice work! Happy weekend! Like this post!

    You’re kind. Thanks.
    And thanks for visiting and commenting.

  6. I’ve ordered some for the wine tasting!

    An extra nose should help!

  7. those are cute! My boys would love them.

    …and you could allow them to pick their nose. How kind.

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