Global Warming is Caused by Daylight Savings Time?

Have you ever wondered about the effect of extending daylight savings time?  Neither have I.  But someone did and assumes it is the cause of global warming.

This has been around for a bit, but I still found it funny.  I wonder if Al Gore is thinking the same way:



7 responses to “Global Warming is Caused by Daylight Savings Time?

  1. Wow…and I thought I had my “blonde” moments! :o)

    I don’t know about the hair color, but it does seem to be ingrown.

  2. Oh. Dear.

    We have just had a three year trial here in Western Australia. I love it…..until about the end of January, and then it is too dark in the morning for me.

    People come up with all sorts of weird ideas – it fades the curtains, confuses the cows etc.

    It probably also causes the water in the toilet to swirl in the opposite direction.

  3. That’s funny. I’m going to do my part and put up black-out shades on my bedroom windows.

    If I can push back day light in just one little corner of the universe it will be worth the time and investment!

    I’m thinking my contribution will be to drive with my eyes closed.

  4. You never know what you are going to read in those letters. Our small weekly paper agrees to post every one they receive. It’s always good for a laugh, although much like this letter that is probably not the intent!
    We could all just agree to stay indoors for the extra hour and pretend the light is from street lamps.

    It will be a sad day if/when newspapers die and we are forced to read these kinds of rantings on blogs – oh, wait…

  5. Chirag Chamoli

    Ha ha 🙂

  6. leavingevangeline

    Sweet…now there’s a reason to sleep later everyday. If I can save a few hours of daylight in the morning hours…I might make a small difference.

    If I close my eyes…can you still see me?

    Who said that?

  7. This is great! Not only misguided logic (or grossly misrepresented at best) but a misspelled headline at that… I grew up very near the MO/AR border (i.e. in the woods) and appreciated this. I have a couple of other gems from that paper, as you could imagine.

    I thought it funny too – for the same reasons. It seems like I had a similar conversation about daylight savings time with some of my relatives a few years back.
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

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