Futureman and Facebook

I saw this on twitpic and thought some of you might enjoy it as well.  Here’s to us – the future our parents worried about:



8 responses to “Futureman and Facebook

  1. Future looks scary 🙂

    It must already be the future… it’s scary now.

  2. I purposely refuse to Twitter and I also refuse to read other people’s Twits. Why can’t we stand to be alone with our silly little thoughts and stupid little lives for more than 5 seconds? What has happened to us?

    Don’t I sound like an old curmudgeon? Those damn twit(terer)s! They even offended Obama!

    To me, a twitter is a nervous laugh…

  3. crazy! Futureman is a genius.

    He’s a madman…

  4. Too funny! You really should have included a photo of your breakfast. I’d certainly offer a comment 🙂

    I do like my breakfast… today, I had eggs and hashbrowns, sourdough toast, coffee…

  5. I love commenting on breakfast ! What’s so strange about that ? Nothing like drooling
    over the picture of a pancake ! LOL !!!

    Ummm, blueberry pancakes… doh!

  6. And………cars will fly…………!

    And phones will be cordless…

  7. hahahahaaa!!! That’s like… the biggest truth ever. The future … is not bright. At least it doesn’t seem so…

    Wasn’t there a song about the future being so bright that we need sunglasses?

  8. leavingevangeline

    I’m guilty of some rather self-indulgent status lines on my Facebook…but I’m still resisting Twitter.

    I don’t know why, but it’s so appealing to write, “LE’s eyeball is twitchy today”, and have people from highschool…that I haven’t seen in 18 years…comment about it.

    Addictive, I tell ya.

    Eye twitching addictive, I’ll bet.

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