Abe Lincoln is now on Facebook

I found this on indyweek.com and thought it funny.  See what you think (click here for a larger photo):



5 responses to “Abe Lincoln is now on Facebook

  1. Hillarious

    He still hasn’t accepted my friend request.

  2. Nice to see Honest Abe stay current. Maybe someone should leave him a message to skip the theatre?

    It’s a historic show.

  3. I’m surprised that they didn’t put Obama’s face in place of ol’ Abe’s.

    That sounds like a MySpace kind of thing.

  4. leavingevangeline

    Oooh…I’m gonna send a friend request. I’m sure he’s very busy though…it might take awhile to add me.

    I’ll put in a good word.

  5. He really is, but not this one, he is there, under his own name and is related to the president.

    How great! I like your family tree better than mine. Andrew Johnson is one of my relatives, but we don’t talk of it much – what with impeachment and all.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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