Welcome To My Nightmare – Alice Cooper with The Muppets

When I was in high school, I loved to listen to Alice Cooper, yet somehow I missed this episode of the Muppets:



2 responses to “Welcome To My Nightmare – Alice Cooper with The Muppets

  1. I know you will probably think I am musically deficient, but I’m pretty sure that is the first time I have listened to something by Alice Cooper. Is that the way the song is normally sung, or was it toned down for the Muppets? I’ve seen him around before, but never listened to him – what’s with the eye makeup?

    That’s pretty much vintage Alice. The eye makeup is one of his trademarks. He’s awesome in concert.

  2. I wake up, around 12:30, and a Don Kirshner’s concert is playing. ( This was in 1972, something like that.) My mom is tapping her feet and bouncing in her chair to Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies. She turns and smiles at my very confused look and exclaims “Yeah, he’s goofy lookin’, but boy howdy, he sure can sing!”

    If that didn’t make me give up smoking weed, nothing would.

    A bit surreal, but still – a cooler mom than the one I had.

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