Cookie Coffee Mug

Now, this is useful!



3 responses to “Cookie Coffee Mug

  1. You do have to be careful and drink from the other side or else your cookies will fall out and down the front of you! :o)

    By the way…welcome back to bloggyland!

    I know, I know…”get my own blog”…I’m still thinkin’ about it! :o)

  2. As useful tool for the right-handed cubicle occupant. No need sneaking off to the snack bar, simply put your favourite cookies in this handy little nook… Hilarious!

    Inventors seem to be finding way to keep us North Americans heavy… Wonder if they are part of a grand conspiracy with the people running the local gyms/sarcm 😛

  3. But what are left handed (aka wrong handed) people supposed to do?

    Maybe put their coffee in the bottom and cookies in the mug?

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