26 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

I decided to turn this post into a page.  This way it will be easy to find when I make my wife mad and need to diffuse any anger that may be directed toward me.

(From August 17, 2008)

I love my wife.  We’ve been married for 26 years and it appears (at least to me) that she still loves me.  Since we just celebrated our 26th anniversary, I thought I would offer 26 reasons why I love my wife (in no particular order):

  1. She loves me.
  2. She lets me love her.
  3. She is funny (important to me).
  4. She thinks I’m funny (well… I tend to repeat jokes and stories, so she may not think as much of the material).
  5. She is very bright (math is a strength for her, not so much for me).
  6. She is very organized.
  7. She drives the car when we go around town (a very big deal, since I drive two-and-a-half hours each day for work).
  8. She actually likes to mow the lawn (she considers it an opportunity to exercise).
  9. She loves to read (she probably reads more than I do).
  10. She likes to do the Jumble in the paper everyday.
  11. She is still a stunner (no one else has ever gotten my attention like she has).
  12. She takes good care of herself, but is not self-absorbed about her looks.
  13. She is detail oriented (I’m a big picture person, so we complement each other’s strengths).
  14. She is a great friend (I don’t have all that many).
  15. She is patient (important when dealing with me).
  16. She is a great cook (as evidenced by my middle-age girth).
  17. She is very independent (as am I, so we are good at leaving each other alone, when necessary).
  18. She doesn’t like me to bring her flowers (she sees it as a waste of money).
  19. She is the same about cards for special occasions (for years we have gone to a card store, looked at them, picked one out, showed it to the other person, then said something like “If I were going to buy a card – this is the one I would have bought you”).
  20. She doesn’t mind it if I occasionally buy her expensive jewelry.
  21. She is thrifty, but not cheap (except the time she bought this generic Peptic Bismuth stuff – ouch!).
  22. She doesn’t seem to mind when I bring up the Peptic Bismuth stuff.
  23. She likes the same kind of movies that I do.
  24. She is compassionate towards those less fortunate than we are.
  25. She is a great mom to our kids.
  26. She actually loves me (I know, I used it to start, but it still surprises me).

Below is one of my favorite photos – from my doctoral graduation in 2007.  She is obviously standing on a bench since she is 5’2″ and I am 6’7″ tall.

One of my favorite photos of us (2007) - she is obviously standing on a bench since she is 5'2" and I am 6'7" tall.

One of my favorite photos of us (2007)

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  1. This is sweet.
    I just did this exercise for my mom. She’s dying of cancer and I decided that I would give her back 44 gifts I’ve received from her in as many years. I wrote out 44 things I’m thankful for and made individual notes out of them and put them in little gift packages. She loved it and I felt like it was a special way to write our final chapter. I wish I hadn’t waited for her to be terminally ill to tell her all those things.

    How kind of you. We do tend to think things rather than verbalize them – or tell others about our loved ones, but don’t tell our loved ones what we are thinking. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, but how nice that you get to share these things now, at least.
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  2. Well, she sure is a stunner! It’s great to see such a happy couple after years of marriage. 🙂

    Thanks. I’ll let her know. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I know its sappy, but I liked the post 🙂

    Thanks for being kind – I love my wife. Thanks also for the visit and comment.
    I liked your post on the candidates as phones and put it here (properly documenting you as source).

  4. Aww, sweet! You don’t see many marriages that last that long these days. I hope you guys always remain as happy as you always have (does the last part make sense?)

    You are so kind. Thanks. So far, so good with expectations of forever.

  5. I liked what I read Don. It is so important to keep what means so much to us in our relationships. I can start to slip into the negative with my husband sometimes and then have to shake my head and say “Sarah,go back a few pages,” I wrote a list of what I wanted in a man in 2004,detailed list,lo and behold,three months later he shows up in line behind me at Tim Hortons on a Saturday night. All the best to you and your wife and I am truly happy to see that one two more people have found lasting love.

    You are kind. Thanks. Congratulations on your lasting love.
    And thank you for visiting and commenting.

  6. Nice post. Very thoughtful. Thanks for the good read. I can relate.

    Thanks – and thanks for the visit and comment.

  7. Very very nice. My best to you both.

    How kind. Thanks.

  8. I’m not sure how I landed here, but I sure am glad I did. How sweet this is to read. Thanks for the reminder that real people with real, raw emotions (who are actually willing to share them) really do exist. Thanks for the late-night smile. May you hang on to that sweet love until your bones creak. (smiles)


    So far, so good. We will celebrate 28 years in about a month.

  9. Ihr seid scho:ne Leut’!

    I believe your comment translates (to English) as “You are beautiful people.” I hope this translates as “Thank you for your kindness and thank you for visiting” – Vielen Dank für Ihre Freundlichkeit und danken Ihnen für Ihren Besuch.

  10. Wonderful post. I am sitting at this computer a little bored and then I think “I love my wife” so I type it in Google and your site is on the 2nd page. My wife is similar to yours however she likes flowers a lot. Also, good post on bam-bam.

    Thanks for the visit. I should probably update this (and most of this) since we have now been married over 28 years. We are still madly in love…

  11. I love u guys 😀 always stay like this.. By the grace of God:)

  12. That was a great post to read. I had a smile on my face when i read this and it was genuine. It is nice to find couples in true love since many couples split for the smallest of reasons. Hope both of you continue to be in love with each other.

    So far, so good – it’s been a couple of years since I wrote that and I’m waiting for our 30th year to update. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the encouragement.

  13. I am 23 an its the third year that I am engaged with my beloved girl and we are going to celebrate our wedding in near future. I love you two and I am encouraged as I saw your lasting and pure love. I love my fiancee and I will love her as long as I am alive.
    Bests for you lovely couple.

    Thank you, you are kind – I was 23 when we married. I hope you will enjoy your lifetime together. Thank you for visiting and encouraging.

  14. thanks! you made me happy too.
    i’m happy when a man loves his wife.

    How kind are you? Thanks for the visit and the comment.

  15. Thanks. I was happy after reading ur 26 reasons. I really appreciate as i too love my wife very much but i have not taken time to put down the details now i will. May the Lord almighty bless both of u as u minister to other marriages with realness.

    Thanks for your kindness. We are getting close to 30 years and 30 reasons. Thanks for the visit, the comment, and the encouragement.

  16. Ya great couples.

    Thanks. And, thanks for visiting and commenting.

  17. This is awsome, I love it:)

    How nice. Thanks. Thanks for the visit and for the comment.

  18. Very nice. I am sitting beside my wife of 25.6 years thinking the same thing. I am a very lucky guy myself! Hang in there.

    Congratulations to you two! Thanks for the visit and comment.

  19. Indhira (Indonesia)

    So sweet..what kind of a warm hearted man u are..
    When will u celebrate ur 30th universary anyway?
    I’m waiting for ur 30 reasons..

    You are kind. We are only a year away from 30 – I’ll post a new list then. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  20. Congrats for your anniversary. i am very happy to hear that you still love her cause usually after some time husband forget their wife but still seeing love for your wife i am very much moved. i really respect you deep from my heart. may God keep this love alive forever, may your love story spread al over the world and let them love their wife with regards from a true husband.

    Thanks. Our 29th is coming up very soon. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  21. Nice it’s good to hear a man say he loves his wife I pray your next 26 are equally as good and I will look for the 52 reasons you love your wife. Congratulations keep it up.

    Thanks. We are closing in on 30 and that might be a good time for new reasons. I’ll keep 52 in mind as well. Thanks for the visit and comment… and thanks for the prayers.

  22. I was searching for the real meaning behind the words/song by Gogol Bordello since I will be adding a post about the song and birthdays to my site in a couple of weeks (“Passion for Purple”). The search turned up your page and I saw the link to the list above. It’s SO refreshing to find a man who loves his wife. I’m not so lucky when it comes to lasting love. Yes, I even write about it. I hope you will give me permission to add this post to my site, intact, with a link back, since it inspires me and give me hope. By sharing it with those who visit my site, we can all believe in true love again. Thank you for sharing your words and the height difference, which made me giggle. I wish for both of you many more years and additions to this list of happiness. And, for the record, your wife really does like flowers, even if it’s just a daisy, a carnation, a dandelion, or a single rose ~ because it was given to her by you. Stop on your way home tomorrow and bring her one and watch her face light up like the day in the photo above when you hand it to her. ~ LuckyLeilani

    I have planted flowers all around our house and she does cut them and put them in vases. In fact, I just finished putting in a “peace” garden in our front courtyard. She likes the flowers, she just doesn’t like me spending money on them. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Feel free to use whatever you find of interest. Thanks for thinking of it as of value.

  23. P.S. I also have a similar list, only mine is about things that I like and I love. I made it into a “page” too, so I could fine it easily and remind myself of good things when life gets rough. It’s called “Just Be” at http://www.3PercentGirl.com ~ Feel free to stop by anytime. I never really know what’s going to pop out of my head next 🙂

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  25. Thanks for letting me share your story on my site, Don. I hope you like it http://www.3percentgirl.com/?p=1249 ~ And I hope others are just as inspired and hopeful as I was by reading it. May you have many more years of bliss!

    ~ LuckyLeilani

    Thanks for thinking of us and thanks for the blessing. I enjoy your writing.

  26. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful life together with someone so special to you, people like you made us feel better about life… thank you so much.

    Thank you for your encouragement and thanks for the visit.

  27. I am very happy for both if you. I am also very much in love with my wife and never ashamed to admit that to all. Besides my companion, best friend, amazing lover, she is my everything. Bless you both!!

    Congratulations and return blessings to you both. It sounds as if we are each very fortunate. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  28. Wow, i stumbled on this because i was looking for practical ways to serve my husband. It is encouraging to see that there are still men out there who do not confuse lust for love.

    My wife is fabulous and easy to love. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  29. Awww you guys are an amazing couple, perfect for each other.

    I got the better deal, that’s for sure. Thanks for dropping by.

  30. beautiful.

    She sure is. Thanks for checking in.

  31. Your reasons for loving your wife makes everyone want to share their lives. My wife and I have been married for 20 years. Every day since we married, I have left her a post it note telling her how much I love her and why. But most importantly to me is fact that she has kept every last one of them. That tells me she still loves me as much as I love her. God bless you both. We all hope you have an eternity together.

    What a great story, thanks for sharing it. God has blessed us and we are definitely hoping for eternity. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  32. This is lovely, it made me smile.

    A funny aside– I also love to mow (we have 2 acres), and my late husband got a big chuckle out of Jim Mills’ song “I Want a Woman Who Can Mow”– if you haven’t heard it already, you and your wife might get a laugh out of it too– it’s a little crude but a riot, you can listen to it (free) here (no affiliation, just thought you might like it): http://www.jimmills.net/Jim%20Mills%20-%20I_want_a_woman_who_can_mow.mp3

    I went and gave it a listen – “That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.” Thanks for sharing and thanks for the visit.

  33. I’ve been married for 40 years and I still love my wife. I don’t know why! I read through your list and can’t say that any of your point applied to me. She’s 60, overweight, has health issues and is certainly past her best but she is still beautiful to me. I suppose she keeps me sane (or insane) whichever I need to survive this mad world. I know it sounds cliched but I guess she is my rock. I wish I hadn’t started this now, I’ve got tears in my eyes.
    I hope your list still applies when you have reached 40 years of marriage to your Lovely wife.
    Good luck and God bless you.
    It sounds like you only need one reason. How great for both of you. Thanks for the visit and comment. I wish the best for you both.

  34. I also love my wife.. but I love your wife as well 🙂

    Thanks – she’s great. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  35. Nice, I read them to my wife. We have alot in common.

    Good to know there are a few of us out there. Thanks for stopping by.

  36. I also found your site by typing “I love my wife” in the Google search. I love my wife and miss her every moment we are apart. I wish we both didn’t have to work so we could just spend time together with each other and our kids, 4 and 1. We have been married 10 years. God bless!

  37. Thanks for this—this is a great post and a great page. i LOVE MY WIFE also, we’re going tru some tough things right now, but seeing this page gives me hope that we can make it. My list is very similiar to this one. Thanks again. S.Hurt………….

    Thanks for the visit and comment. I’m hoping things get better for you.

  38. This really made me smile. Congratulations!

    Thanks! You made me smile.

  39. just wait it gets BETTER our 29th is coming up next and I cant wait.until 101 is behind us it does my heart good to see other people out there still in LOVE keep it up Congratulations!!!!

    We are actually heading toward 30 this summer. I’m thinking about updating to 30 reasons… Thanks for the visit and comment.

  40. My wife saw this and asked me to make a similar post 🙂 We’ve been married 6 months, 12 days 🙂

    Congratulations!… and thanks for visiting.

  41. Dealing with the aftermath of prostate surgery. One thing learned. A real marriage is what you vow. I truely know now that sex is the gravy and that shared life is the main course. Her support makes me see the clearist I ever have. I love you Nancy.

  42. Aw! She is so pretty!

    And she is a wonderful person. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  43. Your post moved me to tears 🙂
    May God continue to bless your union with eternal happiness.

    -Ahmed family

  44. That is sweet……perfect

    How kind. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  45. I stumbled upon your site when I was searching for ‘I love my wife’ threads. I thought we were the only couple that did the ‘here’s the card I’d pick for you if I weren’t so cheap, I mean frugal…’
    All kidding aside, after 40 years of marriage, I’ve come to love my wife far more than I ever thought possible. As the apostle Paul advised husbands in the book of Ephesians to ‘love your wives as you love yourselves’, I’ve found that the more I serve and cherish her, the sweeter that love grows. It truly is a great mystery, but what a wonderful mystery it is.
    Thank you for your post and for being one more man who’s not embarrassed to love his wife ‘out loud’. Lord bless you both!

    Congratulations on 40! We will celebrate 30 years in just a few months. Thanks for the encouragement, the visit, and the comment.

  46. I thought this was beautiful! I’ve been married 16 years and still your her do much!

  47. Wow This is really amazing, I love your page and 30 years is a great achievement.

    Thanks. I appreciate your encouragement.

  48. This is really sweet… Hello from Singapore by the way… I came across your website and thought, wow, this dude is really da bomb! Hope your r/s last forever =)

    Thanks. I have a friend who also lives in Singapore. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  49. patrascu camelia

    its so great to see that in nowadays exist LOVE!
    really i envy u little but its that sweet envy cos i wish one day to live this kind of love……………….

    I’m very fortunate and knew it from the moment we met (and have never forgotten). Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  50. Congrats to you both! My wife and I are going on 16 years. Your post made me smile and laugh. It reminds me how very lucky I am to have such an amazing woman in my life.

    Congratulations to you two. It sounds like you are both fortunate. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  51. Its a good tips…

  52. Thank you for your kind and insightful share about your relationship. You two sound like a great match for one another. My fiancé is from Spain. We met at a quirky little cafe in nashville called cafe coco. I am very fond of her and love her completely. She lets me be who I am and I let her be who she is. We both speak English and Spanish so we share one another’s life in two languages. I found your site because I am waiting for her to call. I googled “I love my wife” wanting to read something kind and caring before I talked to her. I am in Boston for the next 27 days and miss her terribly. We’ve been together for 4 years and I know that for as long as we’re together I’ll always miss her when we’re apart. thank you for sharing your love with us. Good night.

    What a great story and life together. Thanks for sharing it.

  53. Steven Stofregen

    I love my wife very much

    I think that’s great.

  54. I see that, nearly four years later you are still receiving comments on this, including this one. Thank you for putting this out in the world, one teacher to another. My wife and I are just coming up on year two, and I got my credential a year ago at 31 while interning at a high school in LAUSD.

    I’ve also taught middle school in the past (pre-credential private school) and noticed many of the same things you observed, although I don’t know if I’ve been as successful or as intentional at every day being that “bright spot”. To this day that still keeps me up at night on occasion.

    Thank you again for putting this and yourself out into the world.

    Oh, and as for ways to get more exercise and get outdoors more, my wife and I are looking to move to the area where to which we both currently commute. It’s been a rather sobering proposition sometimes, and we still haven’t made it, but it sometimes seems like teaching in the inner city is more like a total commitment than merely a 9-to-5 (or 8-to-6… or 7-to-7…) job.

    Yes, 30th anniversary next month. Time flies and all.
    After 15 years, we finally tired of city life and have moved to a small town in Nor Cal where I am again a public middle school principal – and loving it.
    Investing in students is just about the only worthwhile investment these days.
    Keep loving your wife.
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  55. Its good to know and hear that a man talks about love after about 26 years of marriage.

    Thanks. And closing in on 30. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  56. my wife and i are living separately. like a previous post i was sitting here thinking of her and typed i love my wife very much and found this, and other encouraging posts. it is my hope and belief that things will get better as we are both becoming stronger individuals throughout this experience. There have been dark days. there have been doubts. there has been temptation and lust, I want none of these things. i want my kind, loving beautiful wife, for i do love her so very much. thank you for this moment, reflecting on the love of others and re-invigorating me to better myself each day in hopes that reunion will be swift and deeply fulfilling for the both of us. Bless you.

    We had a couple of times where, due to work, we lived apart. I did not enjoy it, but the experience did strengthen our relationship. Best wishes for your reunion.

  57. Tears rolled down my eyes after reading. I wish I could say the same for my parents. God bless you for loving her so much and I tap this very grace yes this very One to love my Wife from my heart till the very end,I believe God will give me a woman who have made this decision as well. God bless you so much for loving her this much.

    I’m sorry about your parents, but hope the best for you. Thanks.

  58. Awww this is adorable! 🙂

  59. Congrats on your 30th! I hope you guys are still as happy as ever.

    Thanks. Yes, 30 years today. I really need to add my next four reasons. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  60. Congrats on completing 30 years.

    Thank you. Our life together has been most excellent.

  61. Thank you for your lovely post, it truly brightened my day! Today I stumbled upon a site that caters to men who hate women, after reading various comments from angry and bitter men who seem to think that women should only be used for sexual gratification and that marriage should be abolished, I felt depressed that such people live among us. Your beautiful words about your wife reaffirms my belief in a true love and that there is more good than bad in our world. May your family have a long, healthy and happy life.

  62. Its been 35 yrs together married for 25 for my wife + myself. I love her 2 death however the years have been hard on us both….A child with a serious drug addiction..which u have 2 live to understand….My alcohol abuse ….tooooo darn busy with working to make a properous better life for us all to appreciate Her..My lack of participation in dealing with the 2 infants + listening to Her cries 4 help along the way. My Beautiful wife blocked me out of her Love + in turn filled me with resentment…. after 12 years of physical rejection I asked her to return to work so I could rid myself of the lust/love 4 her that was driving me Crazy due to the Constant Rejection…Damn I screwed up…I wish I could start over…like always…there are not many second chances in life….I am extreemly tired/worn out from the mess I ???????? have created….It was not supposed 2 be like this. I Will ALWAYS Love You Ange…Dave

  63. I am not one of those people who surfs the web and much less someone who posts his thoughts and feelings. But, since I am going through the most difficult time in my life…here I am. My wife left me almost three months ago. She said she feels she’s not in love with me anymore. There hasn’t been any infidelity, abuse of any type, any addictions, etc. She just “fell out of love”. I am heart broken! Although our relationship has been “less than perfect” for the past couple of years, I don’t want to divorce her. We have the most beautiful children in the world, three of them, and they are everything to me(us). I come from a broken home and I know what divorce does to a child. Anyway, I love my wife. Even when she says she loves me, but she’s just not in love with me -I still love my wife. I love her smirk -it’s so cute, it neutralizes my defenses and it turns me into mush. I love when she acts cute and cudly. I love her morning breath, because it makes me feel better about my own morning breath. I love snuggleling with my wife, next to our children or by ourselves. I love my wife’s laughter, snorts and all. I love the fact that we think so much alike that we can finish each other’s sentences. I love my wife’s over-the-top travel preparations, I’m always shocked when the kitchen sink is not on the roof of the car, since everything else in the world seems to have made its way to our minivan, even for an overnight camping trip. I love it because it shows how much she cares and how much she wants us to enjoy every possible aspect of wherever we’re going. I love her heart -it’s a good one! Full of compassion and caring. She’s better at these things now-a-days than I am. I love her artistic flair -without it, the interior of our home would probably be painted all white. Yes, I’m that boring! I love my wife and I don’t ever want to stop loving her. I hope and pray that she’ll reconsider and come back to me for good -so we can spend the rest of our lives trying to make each other happy, and trying to raise our wonderful children according to God’s will and desire. Please pray for us.

    I will.

    • Ramon, I sympathize with you. Your wife needs to understand that love is a choice. When you get married, you take vows before God and before human witnesses. If it’s based only on feelings, human emotions can change. How, then, could one ever take a vow? You are giving your word. What good is a person’s word if it’s just based on, “This is how I feel today”? We are saying, “I choose you today, and I will continue to choose you in future years when neither of us is so attractive anymore.” It is no excuse to say “I fell out of love.” How can any person trust their spouse, if that were the case?
      My wife and I have been married going on 42 years. She comes from Romania and I’m an American. We have absolutely no interests in common, yet we have been together this long, which only goes to show that God arranges matches.
      Like other couples, we have had our ups and downs. I have made terrible mistakes and have done and said hurtful things to her which, today, remembering them, make my (few remaining) hairs stand on end. She has gone through hell with me and because of me, and she’s been (deservedly) very angry at me at times, but her devotion and loyalty put me to shame. She has stood by me through periods of financial troubles, through personal crises, through health problems. She is my blessing, my joy my helpmeet, my soul mate, my partner, and I appreciate and love her today as I never imagined a man could love a woman. She is overweight since we had our three children, and she has health issues, but I wouldn’t trade one inch of her for anyone else. Yes, I love her morning breath, too (which she can’t understand). I just love her huge, out-of-control laugh, which shakes the table she’s leaning on, or the couch she’s sitting on. I love the silvery intake of her breath when she laughs. It’s part of her essence, and is part of why I married her. (She can’t understand that, either). I thank God I have her, and I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t had this marriage.
      Your wife needs to understand that, while the grass may look greener elsewhere, nearly every divorcee, after a year or a couple of years, comes to regret what they have lost, and feel the divorce was the worst mistake they ever made. (I’m excluding cases where a spouse may be mentally ill, or a criminal, or some such thing). But then it’s usually too late. Your wife needs also to learn to think with her head, and not her emotions, and to truly understand right from wrong, and that true happiness comes from doing what we know is right.
      I hope and pray that your wife will see the light and return to you. If she does, then ultimately your marriage will be stronger, and this episode will become just a chapter in your life stories, rather than the disaster it seems now. I wish you all the best.

  64. awesome stuff, what a great couple you are.I am so encouraged…

  65. Married 25 years and counting

    My wife
    Takes my breath away every time I see her
    Takes my heart when she brushes me off
    Has control of my emotions
    Makes my day better and brighter
    Sings like an angel
    Is a wonderful mother
    Should believe me when I tell her she can do anything
    Makes me feel special
    can make me feel elated and deflated
    Will do anything for anybody
    Gives me motivation
    Gives me grief!
    Loves her family
    Wants to please at the detriment to herself
    Needs to know when to say I will come back to you
    Needs to walk past a shop
    Needs to show her love to her husband
    Stop worrying about trying to please everybody
    Great cook
    The love of my life
    Committed to what she does
    Takes offence to easily
    Worries about the small things
    Makes me smile
    Makes me go week at the knees
    Is my best friend
    Is my worst enemy
    Looks beautiful when she is asleep
    I love her forever
    Can’t believe how lucky I am to say she is my wife
    I miss her when I am not with her
    None if the above do justice to how she makes me feel
    Can’t live without her
    Amazing skier always pushing to the edge- and sometimes over!
    Unwavering faith
    Must not feel bad when she does say eventually no!
    Caring towards others
    Must not work nights
    I love holding her close to me


    • B.j. Stephenson (Manny)

      I am encouraged to hear such a success story like yours…. I have been married now for almost two years to my wife Lisa. And, while we have had some trying times we always seem to find those qualities that drew us together:) Lisa is not only a remarkable wife but a remarkable human being…. Lisa is the most caring and compassionate animal lover I had ever known…devoting a great deal of her time to rescuing abused and senior dogs and cats…..a pet sitter for ten years- I can’t imagine her doing anything else:) I am so yery proud of my wife and just knowing her makes me feel like I was blessed…. She has that effect on those around her. We both agreed we don’t want any children now in our lives, but this is ok-our 6 dogs are our kids:) Lisa brings such joy and happiness into my life and I often wonder where I would be without her? I can’t imagine a more perfect fit for me….. I remember last year year. It was our first Christmas together and she wanted to bake cookies for me….it was early evening and I came home. I went to the back of the house to check on the extension chords for the Christmas lights. Lisa could not see me but I could see her. I stood in the back yard looking through the window- it must have been only 10 degrees outside but I could not help but laugh…… I wondered if the recipe for those cookies called for as much flour as she had on her and the floor….Lisa wanted those cookies to be perfect…and they were. I kept 2 of those cookies and wrapped them up….not to eat later but remind me of that one moment I knew I was the luckiest man in the world to have her….:) Through all my faults Lisa sees the good in me, and continues to amaze me….. The very thought of my wife brings not only a smile to my face but heart as well:)

  66. Comr. Victor Isoboye Ngiangia

    I am two years old in marriage and I see a man who loves his wife like I do to my belove wife, kudos. Two years with two good reasons why I still love my belove wife. (1) She is, and remain the celebrity in the world of my life. (2) She is, and remain the minister for my internal and external affaires. I say all this with all sense and maturity and with all amount of gratitude embeded in thanks giving, am saying a big thanks to lord God almighty. Thank God for Miss Taribo Bagshaw, now Mrs Taribo Victor I. Ngiangia, my indomitable love still remain.

  67. I landed here while looking for the full text of Dr. Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go – and I started to explore a little and was drawn to this post. I congratulate and commend you both for living a realistic and lasting marriage/love story (coming up on 30 isn’t it?). I wish I could say I have been wise and constant through our 36 years of marriage, but at least my wife has endured it this long and has shown great patience and longsuffering. I love her more now and hope that it continues to grow. And I hope she feels similarly in another 30 years. Thanks for sharing some great insights and inspiration.

  68. Nice idea Don, i bumped up to this page, while i was looking for why wife is important for my website page.

  69. My wife Charlotte is the most amazing person, a wonderful mother to my stepson and baby daughter. The route to marriage has been a whirlwind that I would have frowned upon if I had seen someone else take a similar path. I never for one second thought that I would find myself in a whirlwind. Once fiercely independent I am now incomplete without her. Love has smacked me over the head and I would move the earth for her. We’ve had some tough times to get to where we have gotten but we are now more in love than when we first met and the love just keeps growing. I might have to sleep on a blow up bed for now while she has taken over the bedroom and moved my baby daughter in with her so that she can tend to Alice’s desire to feed every 2 hours… But that is fine with me. My love is pure… She is my best friend, my lover, my soul mate. I totally worship her. I might wind her up a little too much and I know she has more empathy than me but we make such a great team. We’re from such different backgrounds, and she’s 4 years older than me but when I see her I only see my equal ( or better). She has made my life complete. If I die tomorrow I will die a happy man, happy in the knowledge that I met “the one”. I love you my sweet and this is a wonderful thread. I look forward to many many more years together. Rxxxxxxxx

  70. Everything I fight for

  71. 6’7″? Dude, that’s crazy tall. I had a friend that tall once, he was a high jump champion, won olympic medals and all. You must hate doorways. I googled “I love my wife” and this post came up. Well done.

    Thanks. Not that tall – Kobe Bryant is about the same height. Most doorways are 6’8″ so I clear those, but the resisters at the top of commercial doors (that close them) are often an issue. Almost 31 years and I still love her – more surprising is that she still loves me.

  72. Angela Hoving

    This is very sweet of you. It reminds me of my husband and myself(17 years in, 11 married). Things here have been rough(with me dying, and all) but, I would have the strength, or courage, I do..without him.

  73. I found this site whilst feeling low and wondering why on earth I am with my Husband. We have been together for 5 years, married for 2. He is not romantic, never shows his emotions, but is kind. After contemplating leaving as I don’t feel loved, I read this blog and I have to say that it made me smile 🙂 It has made me realise that in 20 years from now my Husband will have many reasons to think/say how he loves me as we will make memories that he can cherish. I guess I’m an old romantic and love the idea of being swept off my feet, my Husband is very low key but Need to keep in perspective that he loves me, he is kind, smart and so so funny. I DO love him…..lots 🙂 . It is too easy nowadays to think “oh this is not right-I’m leaving” over petty things, I almost did it!! When all along I am happy and really cannot imagine sharing my life with anybody else. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for the hope.

  74. You are lucky. Thank God for it and follow His commands because He has blessed you with everything many would just dream of.

  75. I met my wife when she was eleven and I was thirteen . We have now been married almost twenty five years with out three children. I can’t ever imagine living life without her.

  76. 5 years on and still inspiring people, that’s a beautiful thing. I guess nearly everyone here has got here by typing in “I love my wife” so fair play to all who read your page. All the best to you and your lady wife, I hope my wife is daft enough to love me for so long! All the best from the UK.

  77. I come home the house is full of shit and pee I’m not allowed to get angry .
    I’m in my bed room now she’s asleep my room fuckin stinks
    She goes to sleep every night at 730 when I go to sleep she wakes up and drinks all night
    My life is he’ll with this woman help I’m at my last straw There is more to this but not got the time to explain
    I’m looking for someone to shake me and tell me to just leave

  78. I love my wife because she is the most beautiful women I ever laid eyes on. She funny she makes me laugh. She’s sweet caring and happy
    I had a operation I was extremely scared and worried about. Nothing that major .I threwup3x waiting to be called in. Alli remberis waking up in recovery with her at that foot of my bed. I never felt more loved or safe or cared for. She never left my side. I would give anything to have her back. There is not one thing in the word I would not sacrifice for her including my life.
    Cherish the women you love they make life worth living

  79. Also when she dances around our bedroom in her underwear it drives me crazy in all the best ways

  80. I love my love as u luv u r wife.

    Keep it on man.

    My parents r separated cuz of lack of understanding.

  81. Love the list, I hope in 21 more years I can write a similar list of my own. I have no idea how I made it through 32 years without my wife, my best friend by my side. As much as you hear about the institute of marriage crumbling these days, it’s wonderful to know there are still some healthy relationships out there. Thanks for sharing with us.

  82. so sweet for sharing this post.

  83. Can I ask what your secret is? Seems that I’m having a bit of trouble finding that one special man for me.

    From abusive incincere, not genuine men I’ve been with, it’s a bit disappointing. I believe I’m a good woman. Though, I’ll be 30 this next year, I just thought I was done with the search, when I was dating my ex. BUT I am now involved with someone new but I have to concentrate on my studies for my career (gotta get that done too lol). I just want your advice if you can give it. Thank you. I want to find that special person but it’s taking alot longer than I had thought.

    Kind regards,


  84. the most amazing thing in life is couple love each other i wish for you happy long life together as i wish join my wife around me soon . i love u my wife wendy sooo much

  85. i lost my wife july 16, 2013 after 53 years of marriage. the night i met her, she was only 15, but i knew at that moment, i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I felt such a connection to her that i never felt with any other girl. I miss her so much because she was my best friend, soul mate, mother of my children and the most beautiful and wonderful wife a man could ever have. I thank God for giving her to me and words cannot explain just how deeply i love her still. I still feel like i am her husband and she is my wife. Even though she is gone, i could never ever be with anyone else. I just couldn’t do that to her. I would feel like i was cheating. She is my wife forever and ever. I love you, honey

  86. Dated 10 years engaged 8 LOVE her more now then then.

  87. The life has meaning when you understand each other.

  88. This helped me switch from trees to forest. I read your post, was inspired and my own feelings started flowing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  89. its really sweet

  90. notting is important than ur family,bc of the 26 reason to love a girl. i agree with u,ur gentleman u the beste?

  91. This is good stuff, man. Real good. God didn’t bless you. You did this on your own. It’s nice to see you know that. The worst you could do is trivialize her. Nice work. I’m going to show this to my wife. It will make her smile.

  92. I found this list very good, I’ve been married 21 years and still love her with all my heart. That doesn’t mean life is smooth and easy every day but it’s always worth working things out. Every cloud has sunshine from top and is most beautiful if you gust stop n look. Throu the grace of God our union gets stronger and stronger. God bless you.

  93. That’s awesome. So often in today’s world people don’t realize what they have until it’s too late. Too often we take the gifts given to us for granted. Congratulations on having the privilege to marry your best friend and the doctorate. Both take hard work but are so worth it!!

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