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A Titanic Movie Moment

My 14 year-old daughter went to see the re-release of Titanic (in 3-D, no less).  I asked her if this is what it looked like 15 years after the original release:



Einstein Was Here

I wish I was better at explaining things…


Merry Christmas!

Jinglebell Junction


Merry Christmas Card

Now that Thanksgiving is over its time to begin thinking about sending out Christmas cards.  This one seems appropriate, don’t you think?


Happy Thanksgiving… Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I ran across this and thought it funny.  I hope you do too:


Honest Abe and the Internet

I just saw this on one of my Facebook friend’s posts and thought it funny.  I hope you do too:

And I thought it was Al Gore who invented the Internet.


Bookshelf Man – Read All About It!

I love random stuff like this.

Here’s a new superhero that you can read all about…

Bookshelf Man

Weird and Funny Bookshelves!

This image is from BedZine.